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Netflix flexes its kids content with ‘Stretch Armstrong’
10:30 am PDT 29/01/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Last year Netflix announced seven new original series for kids, totalling its kids original series to 35 and now it’s expanding and bringing in more original series in the kids space to attract the young audience. Expanding its horizon, Netflix has partnered with one of the largest toy makers in the world, Hasbro. Netflix along with Hasbro has teamed up to bring the iconic action figure, Stretch Armstrong on the small screen in an animated form. The 1970s action figure could be … Read More

Google Wilbur
Play to know your chillies’ spiciness with the Peppery Google Doodle
11:00 am PDT 22/01/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Google has never failed to entertain users with its interactive doodles by roping in animation to honour some great people who have made a mark in history with their work. And today, Google Doodle seems quite hot with its interactive game of spicy chilli pepper as it pays tribute to the great American chemist and physicist, Wilbur Scoville, on his 151st birthday. Nobody knew how to test the spiciness of hot peppers until Wilbur Lincoln Scoville devised the test and … Read More

jessica jones
Netflix renews Jessica Jones for Season 2; but won’t stream before 2017
1:00 pm PDT 18/01/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Popular streaming platform Netflix has renewed Marvel’s detective super hero Jessica Jones for second season of 13 episodes with Krysten Ritter starring in the lead role. After the series debut in November, it received strong reviews and was appreciated from all quarters for its noir comic to screen adaption and also powerful performances from the star cast. Jessica Jones is a part of the four series deal Marvel TV has with Netflix which includes characters from comic universe like Daredevil, … Read More

$144 million pledged towards games on Kickstarter in 2015
2:30 pm PDT 15/01/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter has revealed numbers for 2015 which specially specify the numbers raised through games (video games and tabletops). According to the company, the website drew close to a million backers pledging $144 million on 7,466 projects out which 2,259 were successful, which is disappointing with a 30.3 per cent overall success rate. Of $144 million raised, tabletop games had a major share of pie with $88.91 million coming through more than 500,000 backers. Elan Lee, Shane Small, … Read More

Twitter starts an official account dedicated to gaming
10:30 am PDT 14/01/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Twitter is marching with speed to make its presence in the video gaming world and with the recent hiring of Rodrigo Velloso as the director of gaming partnerships, the company has launched official @TwitterGaming account and since tweeted a “Hello” and a GIF image featuring the famous Space Invaders “Press Start” screen and the caption, “Let’s tweet” along with other retweets from developers like 2K, Activision and Bethesda among others welcoming it. The account description reads: The best of games, … Read More

Facebook ready for a future breakdown
2:00 pm PDT 06/01/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Social media company Facebook is secretly preparing for an all out war against another internet giant Google, if the need arises ever. According to a report by The Information, Facebook has been secretly preparing contingency measures to allow its apps to operate on Android phones without going through Google’s app store. No there is no war brewing between the two mammoths, but Facebook is making itself future ready if ever a situation arises where Google wants to control apps on its … Read More

Netflix to feature more kids content; thanks to the new deal with DreamWorks Animation
8:00 pm PDT 05/01/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

The world’s leading international television network, Netflix recently announced the expansion of their current multi-year with DreamWorks Animation making Netflix the global home, outside of China, to a number of new original series for the whole family from the studio. The deal also covers streaming rights to the DWA’s feature film library. The agreement extends the 2013 deal between DWA and Netflix which, at the time, was Netflix’s biggest-ever deal for original first run content. Netflix’s Vice President of Original … Read More

Netflix to announce India plan at CES 2016
10:30 am PDT 04/01/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

There have been constant murmurs about the popular OTT Netflix being launched on Indian shores and with the turn of the year, reports suggest that Netflix could announce its India plans at CES 2016 in Las Vegas which will be held this week. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will deliver a keynote address on 6 January, as well as plans to speak to Indian tech journalists at the CES 2016. Hastings said company plans to produce a ‘Bollywood show’ and an … Read More

Valve apologises for the Christmas day gaffe
11:00 am PDT 31/12/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Remember the day you were sitting by your cozy chair in front of your PC waiting for your Steam account to open up, and suddenly the screen lights up to a log-in of an unknown identity. Yes, the Steam security error which exposed accounts of many individuals on the Christmas Day, Valve has finally issued a statement on the problems. The statement reads, “A configuration error resulted in some users seeing Steam store pages generated for other users. The content … Read More

Steam returns after a down time and an information leak scare
2:00 pm PDT 26/12/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Steam, the popular PC game distribution service faced a severe downtime today with a lot of users signing in from their own accounts were shown account details of other users rather than their own. The error had exposed the database of Steam and is the busiest platform during holidays.  The service is now back online and working normally. Valve issued the statement on Gamespot following the outage, “Steam is back up and running without any known issues. As a result … Read More

Special delivery
Google creates 360 degree Christmas animation on YouTube
11:00 am PDT 24/12/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

On this auspicious day in the event of Christmas, Google has created the ‘reason for the season’ on YouTube by one of its “Spotlight Stories” called Special Delivery. This animated short is way different from other animated films because it is literally interactive in all terms! Created by the renowned Studio Aardman Animation (creators of Shaun the Sheep), this 4:14 min animated short is based on a Santa themed story. The whole film features a mysterious Santa leaving gifts in … Read More

YuppTV launches YuppTv Bazaar; a platform independent video content creators
4:30 pm PDT 23/12/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

YuppTV, the Over-The-Top (OTT) provider for Indian content, recently launched YuppTV Bazaar, a marketplace for high-quality video content. With the launch of YuppTV Bazaar, YuppTV will now host curated premium video content across various genres such as Education, Short Films, Web Series, and Trailers. The move is to lure independent video content creators, who often find it tough to monetise and market their premium content through traditional video-sharing portals, satellite and DTH platforms. Through assured quality supervision and a large native … Read More