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Ubisoft collaborates with IIT Mumbai to open its Innovation Research Park Unit
6:00 pm PDT 23/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Yesterday, Ubisoft inaugurated its Research Park unit at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Ubisoft pledges to focus on machine learning and automation in the gaming industry through research work. Experts from Ubisoft are to work very closely with young talents from IIT Mumbai, under the direction of notable professors from the institute. Ubisoft has been in India since 2008, with its presence in Pune and is proud to be the only fully integrated video game studio in India. Ubisoft Mumbai … Read More

‘Avengers 4’ connection teased in new ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ TV spot
5:00 pm PDT 23/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

As the dust settles on the catastrophic events of the Avengers: Infinity War, the fans gear up for the next offering of the expansive MCU knocking at the door. Ant-Man and the Wasp, unlike the recent movies that preceded it, is set to take place in a time before Thanos embarks on his quest to collect the six cosmic artifacts, and touted to follow Ant-Man’s proceedings following helping out Captain America fight other Avengers in Civil War. The shape-shifting hero … Read More

Peep into an underwater action scene from the upcoming Aquaman
4:30 pm PDT 23/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Last month, it was announced that the trailer of the movie ‘Aquaman’ will be released at San Diego Comic Con. It is intended to be the sixth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Aquaman is the first DC film to release since the Justice League hit theaters last year. Amber Heard plays the character ‘Mera’ who is Aquaman’s love interest in the film and eventually becomes his wife. Jason Momoa plays Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. The screenplay is written … Read More

Purple Turtle
Purple Turtle books hit shelves in Tunisia
3:30 pm PDT 23/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Aadarsh, the media and entertainment company has signed a license agreement with Tunisia-based Yamama Group to release a new series of children’s books featuring its anchor property — Purple Turtle. The books will be published in Arabic and French and are aimed at primary and pre-school aged children. “We are thrilled to be joining hands with Yamama to bring Purple Turtle’s adventures to kids in Tunisia,” said Mr. Manish Rajoria, Director, Aadarsh Pvt Ltd. “Purple Turtle is a gender-neutral character … Read More

Silk Comic
Marvel Comic ‘Silk’ transforms into a movie
2:30 pm PDT 23/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Sony in association with the producer Amy Pascal will develop a movie which will be an adaptation to the Marvel comic “Silk” for the big screen. The story of the comic revolves around a Korean-American high school girl named Cindy Moon. She becomes a superhero after been bitten by the same radioactive spider that transformed Peter Parker. She receives similar abilities as his such as shooting webs out of fingertips, possess eidetic memory, and possess advanced spider-sense (called as Silk sense). … Read More

Nickelodeon’s ‘Pinky Malinky’ will debut on Netflix
1:00 pm PDT 23/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Nickelodeon will produce Pinky Malinky, a social media influenced comedy that Nickelodeon greenlit three years ago, produced, and then never aired, which is now slated to debut on Netflix. The middle-school-aged sausage and his best friends made debut on Nickelodeon in 2016. The series follows the humorous, everyday adventures of Pinky, a positive hot dog living in a human world who navigates school and life with his two best friends. The  series will have two seasons totalling 59 episodes wherein Netflix will … Read More

DC to retail its new comics through Walmart stores
11:00 am PDT 23/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

DC Comics partners with Walmart for a new line of exclusive comic books. DC has announced to release 4 new comic books a month which will be exclusively available at Walmart stores. The new Giant line of comics will mix all-new original content by some of DC’s top creators with reprints and retail price of $4.99. Each comic is expected to have 100 pages and will include four stories. Out of four, three will be reprints and one will be … Read More

#FeatureFriday: Splitting Deadpool into two – Framestore’s endeavors behind the iconic ‘Deadpool 2’ scene
6:00 pm PDT 22/06/2018 By Sachin Bhat

Deadpool 2 may have ran thin on story, but did produce some really amusing scenes that almost threw us off our seats. Yes, that includes Juggernaut tearing the motormouth mercenary in two! Like literally! Funny it may have seemed, but the grim and gory manner of the evisceration made for a difficult viewing to a few. Framestore VFX supervisor Stephane Naze feels it’s a bit of both. “It’s indeed very gory but also very funny! We built all of the … Read More

IT: Chapter 2
Warner Bros’ ‘It: Chapter Two’ is ramping up to begin production
5:15 pm PDT 22/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

The sequel of Warner Bros’ film It: Chapter One, 2017’s horror hit which is an adaptation to Stephen King novel, is started with production. The It: Chapter One earned a record-breaking sum of $700 million worldwide. Hoping that it manages to play the same magic on its fans once again. Gary Dauberman will pen down the screenplay of chapter 2. The film is expected to be directed by Andy Muschietti and stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, Jessica Chastain as Beverly … Read More

Wes Anderson created clay dog puppets for ‘Isle Of Dogs’
5:00 pm PDT 22/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

This monsoon is going to be nostalgic for all dog lovers, with filmmaker Wes Anderson’s upcoming stop-motion animation venture Isle Of Dogs. The English stop animation film is set in a fictional Japanese town of Megasaki which is hit by a canine flu forcing the Mayor to shift the canine population to a barren island. Thereafter begins the story of a young boy in search of his dog. Humans play integral characters in the story however it’s the dogs who rule the … Read More

Apple signs deal with Sesame Workshop for children’s shows
4:30 pm PDT 22/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Apple plans to enter into children’s programming and announced that their teaming up with Sesame Workshop, the producers of Sesame Street to develop several new series. As reported to The Hollywood Reporter, Apple will be developing multiple live-action and animated series as well as shows involving puppets. Under the deal, Sesame Workshop will develop a slate of children’s programming. The pact expands Sesame Workshop’s presence on Apple, which is already the home for multiple e-books, applications and video content. Sesame … Read More

‘Cloack and Dagger’ introduces its titular cast
4:00 pm PDT 22/06/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Marvel’s Cloack and Dagger started on Amazon Prime Video which will cast Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt as the prime actors. The show is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and produced by Freeform in the States. Cloak and Dagger has done a good job of introducing audiences to the two titular characters, Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph), who discover they have hidden superpowers which are somehow linked, in the recent episode. Other cast members include … Read More