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20th Century Fox releases trailer of ‘Deadpool’ trailer that comes out tomorrow!
9:00 pm PDT 03/08/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

When you’re stuck in a day that’s gray, and lonely… Just stick out your chin, and grin, and say… everything looks sexier in red. Twentieth Century Fox has released a trailer for the trailer for Deadpool. The over the top trailer trailer of the most extreme character from the Marvel Universe takes a few digs at X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of Deadpool, as well as the Hollywood trend towards releasing teaser material for other teaser material, and reminds fans that the actual trailer … Read More

France, South Korea and Japan collaborate on new 3D animation series ‘Miraculous Ladybug’
1:30 pm PDT 03/08/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Three countries are coming together to co-produce the animation series ‘Miraculous Ladybug’ which will be telecast on the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm from 1 September. The show is a co-production by leading animation studios in the three countries, with Zagtoon and Method Animation participating from France, Toei Animation from Japan, and SAMG Animation from South Korea. Ladybug is a 26-episode 3-D action adventure about a teenage girl growing up and fighting evil. It is set … Read More

Salma Hayek’s Animated film ‘The Prophet’ to be seen in cinemas
1:00 pm PDT 03/08/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Inspired by the classic 1923 book ‘The Prophet’ by the Lebanese philosopher, artist and writer Kahlil Gibran, the feature film has been produced by Salma Hayek’s Ventanarosa Productions and has been written and directed by Roger Allers. Roger Allers is well known for his work in the highest grossing 2D animated film to date, The Lion King. The film which was previewed at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival got a positive response … Read More

Dubai gets ‘animated’ with region’s first International Animation Festival!
12:30 pm PDT 03/08/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

The inaugural edition of Animate Dubai, the GCC’s first international animation film festival will take place from 3 to 5 December at Dubai Design District. The three-day festival offers a weekend packed with animated films, themed talks, fun activities for all ages, and a chance to meet animation pioneers from all around the world. Organised by the Animation Chamber, Animate Dubai seeks to promote animation as an independent art form. Arab and international animation professionals, amateurs, and students are invited to submit features, … Read More

Lionsgate working on a ‘Naruto’ live action adaptation
12:00 pm PDT 03/08/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Lionsgate Films is currently in negotiations to acquire the adaptation rights to Japanese anime “Naruto,” for a live action feature. According to media reports the studio has signed on Michael Gracey to helm the project, he is known for his work as a visual effects artist and supervisor in some renowned feature films. Arad Productions is said to be taking care of the production. The company is owned by Avi Arad, who was the former Marvel boss under whom the … Read More

Europe based VFX studios swear by Dell Precision workstations
11:30 am PDT 03/08/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Dell recently announced that Europe-based visual effects studios Important Looking Pirates and FIDO, and digital signage agency, VISUAL ART, are using Dell Precision workstations to deliver cutting-edge graphics and award-winning, creative content for international clients and audiences. BAFTA award winning studio, FIDO, has an advertising and feature film portfolio spanning 15 years – including the modern day cult classic, Kung Fury, the most recent David Attenborough TV series, and blockbuster movie, Kick Ass. Well-established as fur, feather and creature animation … Read More

Friends of Friends from the industry open up on Friendship Day
11:30 am PDT 02/08/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Being part of a creative industry it is taken for granted that there would be interdependence on people within the community to help build a harmonious and prosperous ecosystem for everyone to sustain and grow. On the occasion of Friendship Day, spoke to a few folks from the Animation, Gaming and Comics industry to find out who is that one person that they count as a friend from the industry and why? Rajiv Chilaka (Founder, Green Gold Animation) I … Read More

15 Animation flicks that define the meaning of true friendship
10:00 am PDT 02/08/2015 By Prerna Kothari

As we grow up, we end up making new friends and at the same time losing few of them too due to reasons unknown. Friendship Day is that one day which brings together even the long lost friends together. It’s the day where friends get a reason to meet up and hang around with each other. We cannot define what friends are as it’s a very simple yet complex relationship. We squabble, laugh, cry, motivate each other and share a … Read More

Indian animation’s 10 tales of friendship you must watch!
8:00 pm PDT 01/08/2015 By Prerna Kothari

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge, todenge dam magar tera saatha na chhodenge” doesn’t this song make you go nostalgic and miss your friends? You only live once so why not live it fully by exploring new things and watching some incredible films with your friends. For you, on this friendship day we at have collated a list of Hindi animated films that you can watch with your buddies. Sholay Adventures (2015): “Kitne aadmi the?” This famous dialogue which was … Read More

Down memory lane, ‘Friends Forever’ in toons world
6:00 pm PDT 01/08/2015 By Rasika Deshpande

Happy are those who have someone to share their happiness with. It’s always easy to befriend strangers, but lucky are those few who succeed in finding their ‘Best’ Buddy. Science says, having a best pal enhances optimism in your life and hence makes you live longer. Well, we do not need science to know that our friends hold a special place in our heart. It is quite amusing how as we grow older, our friends circle starts getting smaller. Often … Read More

After Apple slashes app rates, Google follows suit
6:00 pm PDT 31/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

With Apple introducing different tier pricing system, Google was not going to be the one to be left behind. Google has now reduced the prices of apps/games to as low as Rs 10 which will help both the developer community and the consumers. The apps until now were price tagged at Rs 50 or would have to be free and charge users through in-app purchases. But with less credit/debit penetration and high not as many people would have been interested … Read More

metallica band
Metallica can now be seen in a Comic book
5:00 pm PDT 31/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

It’s not often that we get to see comic book based on a metal band but this band is no regular one. The iconic heavy metal band Metallica now has a comic book biography created by Bluewater Productions, titled ‘Orbit: Metallica’. Though there isn’t any news of a new album following 2008’s Death Magnetic, Metallica fans can cheer up a little by reading this 28 page chronology of the band’s career. The comic is published by StormFront Media and illustrates … Read More