BARC India renames Impressions to Average Minute Audience (AMA) as per global standards

Going in sync with global television measurement standards, the world’s largest and India’s sole television measurement body, BARC India, has transitioned from using the term ‘Impressions’ to ‘Average Minute Audience’, abbreviated as ‘AMA’, in cognizance with the Technical Committee.

Data releases via the BARC India website for Week 47 (Saturday, 21 November, 2020) onwards will reflect AMA. The change in terminology started reflecting on YUMI Analytics for BARC India subscribers 1 December, 2020 onwards.

Dr. Derrick Gray

As a measurement body, BARC India is determined to evolve to keep up with changing times and provide the industry with metrics that are clear, match global standards, and that are a true representation of ‘What India Watches’.

Commenting on the development, BARC India Measurement Science and Business Analytics chief Dr. Derrick Gray stated, “At BARC India, it is our constant endeavor to ensure that our subscribers are provided with a currency which is a true representation of ‘What India Watches’. At the same time, we are determined to provide our stakeholders with technology that is at par with global standards as well as clear metrics that match up to global metrics. We recently completed our transition to YUMI Analytics and as a step forward will move on to using AMA across data releases. We will continue to introduce world class practices and standards for our clients while evolving as a robust measurement body.”

Average Minute Audience (AMA) is defined as the number of individuals of a target audience who viewed an “Event”, averaged across minutes. The methodology for the calculation of AMA will continue to remain the same as that of Impressions.