MDEC’s vision for the digital content industry: An interview with Mohan Low

In a world where digital content is king, organisations like Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and growth in the industry. Recently at the Malaysia Digital Content Festival 2023 (MYDCF), AnimationXpress had the opportunity to sit down with MDEC director of digital content development Mohan Low, to discuss his experiences with the organisation and his vision for the future of the digital content landscape in Southeast Asia.

Low kicked off the conversation by reflecting on the positive feedback MDEC received for their recently concluded event. He mentioned that the event saw a significant shift in format compared to the previous year, and attendees seemed to appreciate the changes. The increased content offerings and a friendly, community-focused atmosphere contributed to the overall positive vibe.

 He acknowledged the challenges faced during the transition to a new format but expressed optimism about executing future events “bigger and better.” He further mentioned that the positive experiences of attendees and participants at the event would inspire MDEC to push for even greater achievements in the future.

When asked about his plans for future events, Low discussed the integration of more activities and a stronger focus on community building. He recognised the importance of nurturing a friendly atmosphere that encourages networking and collaboration. Additionally, he hinted at an increase in exhibitors and a more diverse range of content, possibly incorporating Q&A sessions to cater to a wider audience.

His vision for the future of Southeast Asia’s digital content industry is ambitious. He believes that the region is on the brink of a significant transformation, with immense potential waiting to be unlocked. He mentioned the importance of addressing existing gaps in areas like scriptwriting, storytelling, and promotion. As investment and support from both companies and governments grow, he anticipates barriers being broken, paving the way for a more vibrant and competitive industry.

When asked about India’s role in this evolving landscape, Low acknowledged the country’s massive market and rapid growth, particularly in the gaming sector. He highlighted the success of Indian entrepreneurs and companies that have made significant contributions to the gaming industry in Southeast Asia. He sees India as a market with enormous potential and believes that cross-cultural collaborations and co-productions can help elevate both Indian and Southeast Asian content to new heights.

As Southeast Asia continues to evolve as a digital content hub, the world can look forward to witnessing the growth of a dynamic and innovative industry.