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Over the past few years, the gaming and esports industry has progressed from a niche industry to mainstream and has witnessed burgeoning growth in terms of new gaming IPs, platforms, esports tournaments, esports teams, gaming content channels, content creators and more. As more mature players and engaging viewers join each day from diverse demographics, proliferation of gaming, esports, and content amassed numbers are sky high. Along with gaming and esports, metaverse and NFT space has seen burgeoning growth and everyone's trying to get a piece of the pie and gain a better understanding of it. So, with the rise of immersive technology like metaverse, NFT, and blockchain, brands' interest in the sector have set the stage for the next level of gaming and esports.

AnimationXpress.com's Metaverse, Games, Esports, NFT Summit (MGEN) Summit and Awards is an initiative to bring together this ever growing industries - both in India and internationally - under one umbrella to sit and discuss on trends, technologies, developments and policies in all contexts spanning from metaverse platform, NFT creation and marketplaces, game development, esports and content creation. MGEN is blazing to welcome Metaverse, Games, Esports, NFT aficionados to discuss and analyze the future of the industry and how the industry will strengthen with the AVGC taskforce. Apart from that we are also opening the floor for our full scale GEM Awards! (Gaming Esports Meta Awards).

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