Cosmos-Maya high on content library; COO Adi Shayan informs 5 IPS released in the last six months

Cosmos-Maya the animation giant, known for beloved shows like Motu Patlu and Selfie with Bajrangi have had their plates full even during the outbreak.

Despite the initial lockdown phase and the staggered manner in which animation industry had to set up work from home pipelines, the studio has not just remained buoyant but dished out one offering after another for various platforms.

Dominating almost 60 per cent of the Indian animation market, Cosmos Maya witnessed a steep growth across the spectrum within a span of six months since March 2020.

At a virtual round table on “3D Animation Job Skills for Studio Careers” which was moderated by AnimationXpress Founder CEO and editor-in-chief Anil Wanvari, Cosmos Maya COO Adi Shayan revealed that the animation industry, at large, has been making tremendous progress over the past ten months.

Speaking about their recent projects, Shayan shared, “Over the past five to six months, we have had five of our shows getting greenlit by the broadcasters and OTT platforms in the Indian context when we are talking of IP creation for the Indian market. As for co-productions, we’ve been a bit watchful given the circumstances. We’ve announced two co-productions in this time span.”

(L-R): Anil Wanvari, Abhay Waghmare and Adi Shayan

Apart from that, he shares, Cosmos Maya has been working on a high-end feature film which they signed recently just before going into lockdown.

In May, they released Bapu, a show based on Mahatma Gandhi and his principles airing on Disney Channel and Zee5. During the season of Ganesh Chaturthi, they released Gadget Guru Ganesha, a show about a boy’s friendship with the revered God figure and how together they solve various problems using mystical gadgets. Apart from these brand-new shows, they released Season 2 of Guddu, a 3D show centred around a circus lion and his posse released on Disney TV and Zee5.

The studio dropped their fourth new IP, Titoo on Pogo towards the end of July.

Cosmos-Maya is on their way to releasing their latest IP this year, Lambuji Tinguji in partnership with Turner on Cartoon Network.

While various industries had a black swan event situation, it is impressive that India-based animation companies like Cosmos Maya have been weathering the storm, churning out multiple international majors and their own IPS.