Disney Channel India to launch Cosmos-Maya’s ‘Gadget Guru Ganesha’ on 22 August to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

Disney Channel India is launching another new home-grown animated show, Gadget Guru Ganesha tomorrow, 22 August at 11 am on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Produced by Cosmos-Maya, Gadget Guru Ganesha is a slice of life buddy comedy set in a quintessential Indian family and beautifully encapsulates the nuances of Indian culture in an entertaining format. It is directed by Dheeraj Berry, the director of Selfie With Bajrangi. The animated show is one of the three shows (other two are – Bapu and Guddu) from Cosmos-Maya that were taken up by Disney India in April.

Gadget Guru Ganesha

The Disney Kids Network witnessed a successful run of more than 100 hours of kids content this summer with shows like Bapu, Guddu, The Hagemaru Show, Selfie with Bajrangi, Ducktales, Mickey Mouse, Mira: Royal Detective, Oye Golu,  Simple Samosa and more. Now, Gadget Guru Ganesha adds to that list.

Commenting on the launch, Cosmos-Maya Creative development SVP and director the show, Dheeraj Berry told AnimationXpress, “We are absolutely excited to launch our latest show Gadget Guru Ganesha on the auspicious time of Ganesh Chaturthi. This will be our fourth new show to release in 2020 after Guddu, Bapu and Titoo and we are confident in our audience to give it the same love and acceptance. We are soon to release our upcoming title Lambuji Tinguji as well, which is reflective of our consistently upward trajectory during 2020.”

Dheeraj Berry

Gadget Guru Ganesha features a soft toy Ganesha and his innovative gadgets. It is a slice-of-life series full of fun and adventures of kids, friends and family with their Gadget Guru. Owing to pandemic, the humdrums around the festival is much less this year and naturally kids will not be able to enjoy fully as they do every year. 

“Ganesh Chaturthi is that time of the year where people from all over the country celebrate and worship Ganpati in their homes and on the streets, especially in Maharashtra. It is not simply a festival celebrating the Vighnaharta, it is an experience that transcends class and even religion to unite people from every walk of life in colourful and musical festive fervour. However this year, the pandemic has seen us shifting our entire lifestyle into the safety of our homes. Through Gadget Guru Ganesha, Cosmos-Maya along with Disney Channel hope to provide the most of the festival vibe and experience to young kids through their television screens,” added he.

With this new show, Disney Channel will be taking the entertainment quotient a notch higher with the addition of an exciting and unique line-up of shows under their umbrella.