Review: Through gunslinging and action, ‘Mandalorian season 2’ regales with breathtaking imagery

The Mandalorian 2

The Wild West storytelling style is still alive in season 2. The Mandalorian’s second season begins with a masked man swaggering into town, looking for someone. That’s where he is faced with the trouble that unleashes a whole gamut of action-filled visuals for the viewers to behold. Once again, The Mandalorian has swung into action.

We’re in Tattooine as we track Mando’s quest to return The Child to his ilk. Mando, a.k.a. Din Djarin, encounters an enormity of chaos as he makes his way into the town. The anti-hero is now going for the kill and this time around, he is not afraid to take bigger risks. In the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian is still not much about Star Wars but takes on an identity of its own.  

One does wonder as the story progresses how that fits in with the larger narrative of the first season. Is it deviating from the linear style we were expecting? That aside, there is plenty of thrill and power-packed action to keep you going along with Star Wars lore that has kept us hooked for generations. 

Thanks to the Unreal Engine-fused virtual production phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, we’re exposed to stunning landscapes! All shot on an LED wall with absolute fidelity and photorealism. One wonders how the climactic fight scene would have looked on celluloid as opposed to a small screen. Perhaps it would be even more marvellous in a theatre- or so we think! Anyhoo, unsurprisingly enough, the child is still the most adorable eye-candy. 

The VFX have been delivered by: Industrial Light & Magic, Hybride, Base FX, Important Looking Pirates, Image Engine and Stereo D. And the overall VFX supervisors are Joe Bauer and Richard Bluff.

Speaking of Wild West storytelling, we also have a new character who commands a sheriff-like demeanour. If you’re an inveterate Star Wars fan, there’s a lot in it for you to relish. There is no sluggishness in the pace of the story. The scenes are crisp and it does tell a true blue story of a galaxy far far away just like one imagined.

There’s Tatooine, Star Wars’ most famous planet and there’s lots of wonderful landscapes you just can’t get enough of. Although Djarin doesn’t find fellow Mandalorians, he does come across a man named Cobb Vanth; a crucial character in development. Questions abound as to why Vanth is wearing that armour? Why does he want The Great Dragon? 

You’re left with many speculations by the end along with feeling a bittersweet tinge of nostalgia about the Star Wars Franchise. It is a must watch.