VirtualOne tests virtual production using Unreal Engine

Screengrab from Dot Animation studios virtual production experiment

Recently, VirtualOne successfully tested their first virtual production using Unreal Engine. Virtual production is a phenomenon that has taken the industry by storm. And Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, a software that forms the backbone of this emerging technology seems to be exploding across the AVGC canvas.

Located in Hyderabad, VirtualOne is a virtual production studio and game development center that specialises in virtual production for films, web series, digital content, music videos, advertisements, previz, architectural visualization, and game development.

VirtualOne CEO Bharadwaj Dayala shared, “Virtual production is the future of filmmaking and entertainment. No more going to locations, no more extensive set building, no unexpected delays, no bad weather, no wasted time or money. We are yet to get there but we are almost there. Within a year’s time, most films will be using virtual production.”

Credits – VirtualOne

These cost and time benefits have already seen many studios adopt whole or partial applications of virtual production in the film trade.

Speaking to AnimationXpress about virtual production, Vikram Vilasagaram who served as the supervisor for this project shared, “Virtual production is a path breaking technology which helps production houses go beyond the existing limits of production costs. This can change the film making and viewing experience completely.”

Vilasagaram currently works as the creative head at Dot Animations and has worked on a range on animated content like Bum Bum Bhole and Bubbly Dot. Having been involved extensively in the field of animation for over a decade now, he is now on a journey to explore the ultimate potential of Unreal Engine.

He informed that there are misconceptions of technology replacing people. “In the art industry, technology can only replace or change the pipeline, but it can never replace artists,” he clarifies.

Credits – Virtual One

Recently, he has started exploring virtual production on Unreal and is understanding the production pipeline. He apprised us that they are also planning a short movie to understand the pipeline and execution.

The fast-changing landscape in the favour of virtual production indicates that we will soon see a new way of content production. The potential of virtual production powered by Unreal Engine was demonstrated to its full extent through Jon Favreau’s Mandalorian which set the ball rolling with giant VFX companies like Weta Digital and DNEG following suit.

Last year, Cineom, Centroid Motion Capture India, Green Rain, Liminal and Famous Studios had joined forces during the months of September and October. The results of that collaborative experiment demonstrated the scope of virtual production. 

As the industry tests its toes in the waters, we hope more and more studios catch up with this emerging technology unlocking the next level of visuals in content in the days to come.

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