Tremendous enthusiasm seen on day two of GAFX 2018

The crowd went back home with loads of information and exciting ideas from the speakers on day one, only to allow themselves to grasp some more on day two. GAFX 2018’s day two was a hustling affair, with numerous sessions taking place at various locations in The Lalit Ashok. Students and professionals rushed from one hall to another to intake as much knowledge as possible. Day two began with an interesting session by Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Kevin Hudson wherein he showcased the making of the feature, Weeds. Having taken the insights from him, the crowd waited in anticipation for the next session by Mr. X VFX Luke Groves. His session showed the great work VFX does with the VFX case study of Shape of Water. While one hall talked about the fun behind the making of films, the other hall had speakers to discuss about the women force in the AVGC industry, which had female entrepreneurs taking up the stage and speaking from their heart how they evolved in this industry and encouraged the audience by stating how every woman can do whatever she can. Kranti Sarma moderated the panel discussion. The women panel shared their views about the industry and left the dais to be taken up by the leading animation studio heads. It was a question and answer session on the scenario of Indian animation. Ashish Kulkarni asked questions to the panel which were direct and to the point. The panel had Jayakumar, Viren Patil, Arjun Mahadevan, Cyrus Mistry and RK Chand to share their experiences in the field of animation. Kulkarni didn’t forget to mention how AnimationXpress helped them find artists for the studio and has worked as their mouthpiece on the social front. The panellists thanked the team of ABAI and the Karnataka government for taking up an initiative like this. With informative sessions going around one corner of the event place, the other managed to gather a huge crowd as NY VFXWaala’s Prasad Sutar showed the making of Padmavat, the movie that was in the news for all the reasons, one being the tremendous VFX that went behind its making. Speaking to AnimationXpress, Sutar said, “Creating a one-minute VFX is also quite a task with the amount of hard-work going behind it. The VFX industry is booming and its going to be an integral part of the creative industry in the coming future.” And this sure reflected in his presentation where he showed the VFX work of Padmavat. The awestruck audience where in there for a treat with another session on VFX happening in the same hall wherein DNEG India’s Pranay, Merzin Tavaria and Michael Groebe hooked the crowd with their upcoming work and aslo witnessed an invigorating session by Jason Schugardt. The students present at the event enjoyed the sessions happening since last day, and the second day gave them more to enjoy with the screenings of Annecy 2017’s best works and a special screening of Revolting Rhymes, which hooked the audience. The enticing second day saw larger number of audience. The campus was filled with students and professionals wanting to showcase their talent in the ongoing painting and sculpture making workshops seen at every place. The entire zone looked a bright hue of blue and pink, creating curiosity and anticipation for the crowd to attend the upcoming sessions of day three!