GAFX 2018 witnessed how women in AVGC will leave no stone unturned

With the increasing feminism and the overly active feminist creating roots everywhere, GAFX 2018 paved way to not feminism but the female power in the industry of AVGC. It was never just a domain of men and the women on the panel have proved it right with the work they have done and the output they have given over the years. Seated on the dais were Shiji Sunil, Vijayalakshmi, Sukanya Srinivas and Priyanka with moderator being Kranti Sarma. The session was a hit with the ladies and also the gentlemen sitting in the audience. The discussion focused on empowering women and giving every woman a chance and right to have her say and place in each and every area she wishes to explore. The audience applauded when Srinivas said understand whom you are working with. “Know enough to be dangerous and do what you think.” Priyanka asked women to not take unnecessary suggestions from anyone. “We encourage women and men equally, it’s about the output we receive, she added. The panelists were keen about the learning pattern. The schooling needs to be strong and there needs to be bridge between art and technology is what all the speakers nodded to. Taking a new route and following different patterns in the work-space is what the industry is focusing on. Vijayalakshmi inspired the women present by quoting them as the storytellers at home. “You are everything at home and at work. But also, be yourself. Have dreams and follow them and don’t forget top follow your heart, “she added. There is no such thing as giving women a different treatment or hiring more females. Anyone who does the job well deserves to be in the place assigned to that particular job. Women need to open up more to the avenues available to them. Creative fields have minds which create, then women or men, it doesn’t matter until they are passion driven, focused and hardworking. The discussion was of course about the women in the industry of AVGC, but it sure shared insights to all, not to forget the force that made the session interesting were again, WOMEN! “We are multitaskers. Good wives, good mothers, good daughters. Be happy for your success and let your passion guide you. The first rhyme created by me made me feel like I am going to live forever,” said a beaming Shiji. Keen to know more and wanting the session to last a little longer, audience wished for more stories to be heard, but time boundary made the organisers say goodbye to the audience. But of course, with some good announcement which is going to make India proud and the women in India held their heads high with pride, as ABAI inaugurated its women wing. This will focus on the issues faced by women in the working space and how more encouragement can be given to this gender to make a mark in this ever-growing industry. “This panel is the beginning of an important journey in ABAI and will leave no stone unturned, “concluded Biren Ghose. The panel was inaugurated by Ghose and K-Tech Karnataka representative Pratibha with mementos.