Second edition of Bengaluru AVGC B2B Summit concludes with resounding success.

After the initial season of Bengaluru B2B Summit concluded successfully in November, it was clear that the Govt. Of Karnataka will be backing ABAI for more such events. The second edition of the AVGC B2B summit was organised in tandem with GAFX 2018. The two day event concluded on the inaugural day of GAFX 2018 and the reactions for the B2B summit were even better than the last time.
Biren Ghose
The main agenda for the second edition of GAFX B2B summit was focused on creating more opportunities and establishing a strong ground for the community in the AVGC sector. talking to AnimationXpress, ABAI president Biren Ghose commented, “Seeing is believing. being here is seeing AVGC live. The excitement is palpable, we’ve had about 2500 people today. It was the culmination of three different streamlines that are working concurrently.It was the concluding day of B2B and it’s now going to be very firmly vertical with what we do at ABAI and with the Govt. of Karnataka. Because at the end of the day, we’ve been inspired by the best projects around the world, but it must result in business which will help to grow the ecosystem and the community.” He also informed that they’re going to have sessions with the ministry including VIPs and dignitaries to discuss what went down in this interaction and share the surprises of future projects. ” Technology is entering the world of interaction and is already a big part of VFX and Animation industry; and it’s a great partnership for Unity to have their first developer day with us at GAFX. Although it’s a fairly recent edition , it was completely packed and we’ve seen that the future of content creation is going to be where production and post-production collaborates.” While, the stringent time restriction which was there the last time seemed to have vanished and both the fraternity of buyers and sellers looked overjoyed about it. While talking to AnimationXpress, many of the buyers, a lot of whom were here in India for the first time, expressed how pleased they were with the event. The second edition of B2B has much changed from its previous one. The purpose f B2B is to better the opportunities for Indian IPs to showcase them to the world market. Ghose further added,” In the last 15 years, we had huge disadvantages both in terms of cost and preparation. B2B brings the market to the Indian IPs here and therefore with every succeeding B2B is to raise the quality of the game. We’ve had elimination rounds for elevate one and two of Govt. of Karnataka which is open to all tech industries. And I’m happy to let you know that after two rounds of elevate out of 200 sectors, more than 15 shortlisted ones are from the AVGC industry which is unprecedented in the company.”
Second edition of the B2B summit at Bengaluru
Many of them resonated with one single thought that they had never expected so much of creativity and different IPs from the Indian sellers. While they were pleased, they also insisted the sellers on keeping in mind their target audience and set the appeal, to global or national. While some of the content, the buyers asserted, had absolute global appeal, some of them had a rather regional or country specific appeal, which must be kept in mind when pitching. During the conclusion ceremony, the buyers, both indigenous and foreign shared their views on the event, content and how to go about it. Appreciating the support of the government, the buyers rested their case with hopes for even bigger events like this one, where they can explore more content for the Indian sub continent. A representative of the govt., present at the event, stressed on the points of further boosting the AVGC sector of the state. He said facilities are being brought in through various programs which will decrease the production cost of further content. With a few statements of gratification from the audience and sellers alike, the AVGC B2B event’s 2nd edition called its curtains with prospects of an even better one next time.