Tomorrow Studios to turn One Piece into a live-action TV series

The cult Japanese anime One Piece is set to hog the television screens once again but this time as a live-action TV series as it is getting its own Hollywood adaption. The creator of the anime series, Eiichiro Oda recently confirmed the news as One Piece celebrated its twentieth anniversary and Tomorrow Studios will be producing it. The studios’ Prison Break which just wrapped its fifth season this year is one of the most successful creations and its executive producer Marty Adelstein is entrusted with taking the project forward. The former Endeavor Talent member will have his plates full as he now has to assemble a team both cast and technical, who have the required aptitude to metamorphose the cult manga into a live action without compromising its standards. Adelstein says, “I have been a fan of One Piece for 20 years. I am very honoured to be entrusted with the work. I will put my everything into making the One Piece series successful.” Tomorrow Studios have the experience in discovering talents and they currently head one of television’s leading shows. Hence, this is not an uncharted territory for them. Yet, given Hollywood’s history at failed anime adaptations, this is their biggest challenge thus far. Earlier this year, another famous anime of the 90s Cowboy Bebop was announced to have its own Hollywood adaptation. The futuristic background of the show does make its live-action version an audacious one. Regardless, One Piece is a totally different kettle of fish. One of the most successful and followed Japanese anime of all time, One Piece is stretched across 800 episodes whereas the comics have sold over 350 million copies worldwide. The start of the pre-production, the launch, the broadcasters all remain undecided, but Oda is said to make an announcement soon. A few years ago, the prospect of watching One Piece as a live-action series seemed unimaginable. But now that it has been confirmed, our excitement knows no bounds!