‘Inhumans’ new trailer brings Medusa’s hair to life but still no sign of Crystal’s superpowers

The first trailer of Marvel’s Inhumans introduced all the members of the Royal Family. However it looked rather dry and plain except for Lockjaw’s entry. The second trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday night and we now have something to look forward to.

In the previous trailer, we did not get a glimpse of anyone’s superpowers, as it was strictly establishing the background of the Royal Family politics which would bring the Inhumans and humans at the brink of war.

The trailer opens with a woman who is unaware of her powers. She is being chased by some pursuers when the green-skinned Triton appears out of nowhere and offers to take her to Attilan, the city where Inhumans reside. In the new trailer, we see Maximus’s resolve of taking Inhumans to Earth getting stronger as also does his desire for the throne.

While Maximus persuades his brother and Inhumans’ leader Black Bolt to take some action before humans found them, it seems like he pushes the sophisticated Medusa to her limits. That proves good for us as we finally see her tougher-than-steel hair come to life, not to the point of satisfaction though.

Gorgon displays his stomping feet power and Karnak is shown as a faithful member of the Royal Family- reporting the antics of Maximus and aiding in the fights. We also get to see Black Bolt’s grunt when he is punched by the police officers on Earth. It breaks the glass of the nearest car and sends it flipping.

Lockjaw is in his usual self and more adorable and commanding in this trailer. What feels completely missing however is Crystal’s ability. In both the trailers, there are no signs or even hints of her capabilities considering she is one of the most prominent characters among Inhumans.

As we wait for Medusa’s hair to do more wonders, we also highly look forward to seeing or getting even a peek at her younger sister Crystal’s powers.

The trailer also chooses to focus on the IMAX experience which Marvel and ABC are offering. The first two episodes of Inhumans will premiere in IMAX theatres on 1 September, 2017. The series itself  will be debuting  29 September on ABC channel.