VFX ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ new trailer is badass and downright insane! You don’t want to miss this -

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ new trailer is badass and downright insane! You don’t want to miss this

The second trailer of Thor: Ragnarok was released at the San Diego Comic Con and it is bloody awesome!

As we saw in the first trailer, Thor: Ragnarok introduces a lot of new characters from the comicverse to the storyline that takes place entirely outside of the Earth, in the regions of a few of the other eight realms.

The trailer opens with a shot of Asgard followed by Thor conversing with the Gladiator Hulk in the gladiatorial arena, narrating the incidents that happened with him since he last saw Hulk. And after that, it is two minutes of just pure action, slow-motion shots, prodigious destructions and characters reprising their roles to the fullest.

From the trailer, it is evident that Loki and Thor will team up to defeat the goddess of death Hela, who has arrived as Asgard’s death. And Banner, who seems more than happy to help Thor. Joining the team will also be the leader of Valkyrior, Valkyrie.

There will be a lot of highlights in terms of characters, major ones being Hulk and Thor’s chemistry and the wicked smile and dramatic dialogue delivery of Hela. Additionally, we have the first looks of the wolf Fenris and the mighty Korg.

Korg belongs to the Kronan race and the character is played by director Taika Waititi himself. A Kronan-race warrior had previously appeared in Thor: The Dark World as an invader of Asgard and was defeated quite effortlessly by Thor. In Ragnarok however, (if we follow comics) Krog shall play an ally of Hulk, fighting on the side of Thor.

While Loki will be seen getting back to his mischief, wait for the very charming God of Thunder to go shirtless. The ending shot of Hulk going single-handedly against fire giant Surtur is sure to captivate all. But well, still no signs of Doctor Strange…

Apart from the story and characters, there are the visual effects done in epic proportions, bringing to life the beautiful worlds in the (other than Earth) realms, Hela’s sinister look, Hulk’s gladiator look, newly designed spaceships, massive armies of Asgardians, Fenris Wolf and the occasional flashes and thunder at Thor’s entry. The most breathtaking of all however is the shot of Valkyrie’s entry along with her squad of warrior goddesses who arrive on enchanting Aragorns (white horses that can fly).

Produced by Kevin Feige and directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok hits theatres on 3 November, 2017. And it’s gonna kill with that IMAX 3D experience!