VFX BeyondPass AR -new social networking AR app by students

Students unveil AR social networking app ‘BeyondPass AR’

AR is a rising technology and it’s very important for the vision of the future of computing. Apple has bought some small businesses that are working on AR and these steps have the tech community waiting for the long-rumored AR glasses. ThingoTeam, a group created by students in the UK have launched iOS supported social networking app BeyondPass ARBeyondPass AR wants to play a significant role in the paradigm shift toward Augmented Reality.

BeyondPass AR complements empty spaces in reality with virtual objects letting users see more than others. In the BeyondPass AR world, users can express how they feel about what’s going on around them with 3D virtual objects that represent love, fantasy, flowers, etc.

The latest update of BeyondPass AR was released a few weeks ago and includes new features such as AR graffiti and Portal-based Social Networking.

There’s a lot of excitement in the AR world that BeyondPass AR brings forth. Whole spaces are ready to be complemented with user-created virtual objects including sky stickers, sky writings and virtual audio cassettes. So while you are writing your anger about polluting factories in front of their headquarters, you may meet new people there, and instead of reading their feeds you can access their AR Portal. In AR portals, there are boards where you can share media and treasures that users collect while exploring the AR world. Anything you add to reality in BeyondPass AR can be seen by other users making it a social experience.

“Although the primary focus of BeyondPass is on social networking, we take gaming and gamification seriously,” said BeyondPass AR co-founder and designer Amir-reza Asadi.

BeyondPass AR will have various parallel worlds and the first one is Arcanum. Furthermore, there are mini games inside the app such as playing dart in portals or collecting nearby trophies. Whenever you just feel bored and want to shoot around obstacles and grenades you can open a sandbox in BeyondPass AR and have fun in mixed reality.

BeyondPass AR is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone 6s or later (iOS 11.3 or later), iPad pro models and iPad 6th generation.