Pinkfong receives Baby Shark-inspired Ruby Play Button from YouTube


With the immense popularity of Baby Shark Dance, the most-viewed video in YouTube history, Pinkfong becomes the world’s first kids brand to receive the YouTube Custom Creator Award. Pinkfong Baby Shark joins BLACKPINK and BTS to become one of the most beloved K-pop icons on YouTube.

Pinkfong revealed the YouTube Custom Creator Award for surpassing 50 million subscribers on their official English YouTube channel. As the award attributes each channel’s unique characteristics, Pinkfong’s Custom Creator Award features a yellow shark’s fin in the blue ocean, inspired by Pinkfong’s flagship brand, Baby Shark.

The Custom Creator Award, also referred to as the ‘Ruby Play Button’, is a special award given by YouTube to commemorate channels that hit 50 million subscribers. Among artists based in South Korea, only BLACKPINK, BTS, and Pinkfong Baby Shark have reached this milestone, turning K-pop waves into a cultural phenomenon with record-breaking content.

Pinkfong Baby Shark’s Custom Creator Award

Key milestones of Pinkfong Baby Shark, BLACKPINK, and BTS on YouTube are below:

  • Pinkfong Baby Shark 
    • Pinkfong became the first kids brand to receive the YouTube Custom Creator Award in the world.
    • ‘Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs & Stories’, the official English YouTube channel of the global children’s entertainment brand Pinkfong, surpassed 50 million subscribers as of 29 June 2021. 
    • Since receiving the Diamond Button by reaching 10 million subscribers in August 2018, the channel has been growing explosively with an annual average subscriber growth rate of 30 per cent.
    • With the global megahit Baby Shark Dance, the number one most viewed video in YouTube history with nine billion views as of August 2021, Pinkfong Baby Shark has been expanding its presence across the globe; Pinkfong introduced the preschool series Baby Shark’s Big Show! with Nickelodeon and announced that its movies and season two are in development.
    • BLACKPINK is the first Korean YouTube channel that received the YouTube Custom Play Button by surpassing 50 million subscribers in October 2020.
    • With massive popularity from the world, BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel has now secured over 63.6 million subscribers as of August 2021, making them as the most subscribed female artists in YouTube.
    • The music video for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ amassed 1.6 billion views while its choreography video hit 400 million views as of August 2021. In addition to this, BLACKPINK also has various world records videos on their YouTube channel, including Kill This Love (1.3 billion views), BOOMBAYAH (1.2 billion views), and AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST(one billion views) as of August 2021.
  • BTS
    • BTS’s ‘BANGTANTV’ also has more than 55.8 million subscribers on YouTube. BTS proved themselves as the global pop star by releasing the music video for Butter in May 2021 and surpassing 100 million views on YouTube in its first 21 hours of release.
    • BTS has music videos that have been watched more than a billion times each. MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) recently hit one billion views on YouTube, DNA and Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey) have racked up 1.3 billion views, followed by Dynamite with 1.1 billion views.
    • BTS also actively engage with their fans on their YouTube channel. On 23 July, BTS launched ‘Permission to Dance’ challenge, inviting people around the world to record and share their own 15-second versions of the group’s music video for their recently released hit.