Game of Thrones 8 first teaser shows Ice engulfing fire in a stunning visual.

HBO released the 50-second teaser of the upcoming season of the much-anticipated show Game of Thrones on Friday wowing the fans. The battle would be sensational as the teaser shows a dragon and a direwolf being overtaken by ice and a lion getting swallowed by fire.
The date for the final season was announced by HBO in November in a promotional video which indicated that all of the conflict fans have seen in the show thus far has all been building to this final confrontation with the White Walkers, reports The promo begins by showing the icy chill of winter spreading across the North via the map of Westeros that’s located in Dragonstone. Tellingly, the ice overtakes not only the direwolf that signifies House Stark, but also the dragon that symbolizes House Targaryen. Since Daenerys aligned herself with Jon Snow and the people of the North in hopes of stopping the Night King at the end of Season 7, this imagery is particularly powerful. But the teaser doesn’t end there. There’s fire coming from the South, and it engulfs the lion that represents House Lannister. The only lion left in the South is Cersei, the reigning Queen of Westeros, who refused to send any part of King’s Landing’s army North to help stop the Night King. Her words to Jaime made it clear that she believes the threat of the White Walkers won’t make it to her door, and if she’s lucky, they’ll destroy Daenerys and Jon’s campaign while they’re ravaging everything else. The show brought actors like Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Iwan Rheon into the spotlight, making them global stars. Although the flagship series is ending, HBO has multiple projects set in the Game of Thrones universe currently in development. Game of Thrones season 8 is slated to release in the month of April 2019