VFX Empire's 'Avengers: Endgame' magazine cover hints Thanos might don his shining armor again

Empire’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ magazine cover hints Thanos might don his shining armor again

In the last three months, we’ve been treated with as many glimpses of Marvel’s upcoming magnum opus Avengers: Endgame, but the most common feature of all these trailers is Thanos – the Mad Titan is highly conspicuous by his absence as his whereabouts following the snap is tightly kept under the wraps.

All we know so far is that he has supposedly hung up his armor in the shape of a scarecrow and now reposing in a sunkissed paddy field. But we don’t really get a clear picture of him. Neither of the trailers reveal his face. Heck, we can’t spot a shadow of him in either the Superbowl teaser or the latest trailer that dropped last week.

Marvel is once again whipping up a frenzy by keeping him clandestine, but a new cover poster of Empire’s magazine might just hint at a possible proposition of the film: Thanos would don his shining armor from Infinity War, again!

The purple giant was seen tucked away in his iconic sheathe in that movie for a few fleeting moments – the opening sequence and the flashback scene from Gamora’s younger days. But we might just see more of that in Endgame as the magazine cover reveals Thanos strutting his stuff on the battlefield in the metallic armor.

This is the first ever glimpse at Josh Brolin’s CGI-character since last year. But it keenly seems to weave itself into a possible narrative.

Our superheroes may be crestfallen on losing their near and dear ones, but have vowed to bring the universe back to normalcy and its original count. So it’s natural that another epic and more elaborate confrontation awaits, and that makes it all the more obvious that Thanos is going to need his armor during the battle, or at least put it on for a while.

Not that it would make much difference to him, but as we’ve seen in Infinity War, he often ventures out on a mission in the armor. And upon discerning that the Avengers are coming for him again, he would gird up the loins by reaching out to it again like a warrior readying to enter the battle field.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Endgame releases on 26 April 2019.