‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer breakdown: New pairings, some reunions and possible confirmation of a fan theory!

While we are still struggling to blow away the cobwebs spun by Captain Marvel and its hysterical intergalactic escapade, Marvel dropped the second official trailer of Avengers: Endgame to send us aficionados into absolute delirium. In what is likely to be the final extended look of the movie, the new clip, clocking just over two minutes, barely skims the surface as expected. Almost one quarter of the trailer comprises of visions from the previous films of the MCU including of course Infinity War. However, it does probe into certain new storylines with new team-ups, reunion of some old guards, before we finally see the surviving cohort strutting their stuff in new and supercool outfits. Let’s break all that down further: Black Widow goes to Japan to recruit Hawkeye (aka Ronin!) Following the heartfelt flashback moments, we are brought to the present where Clint Barton has traded his archer wielding Hawkeye avatar for a more sassy Ronin, just like in the comics. It is believed that his family too disintegrated following the snap, and the resulting remorse fostered his transformation into a deadly ninja assassin. And while we have to wait to see if that’s true, the new trailer shows that he’s in Japan and Black Widow has followed him there to recruit him back into the team. At one point we see the Quintjet heading towards Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge which is possibly manned by Widow who has identified his whereabouts. She later confronts him in the middle of a street as the two then hold hands. Further on in the clip we see Widow and Barton inside the ship, with the latter now consoling his fellow Avenger. Perhaps, the two are on their way back to the Avengers Compound, as later on we see him juxtaposed against one of its window. Hawkeye running away from an explosion
Barton is still the Hawkeye here
Here, Barton is still Hawkeye. Even though he is seen sporting a new haircut, he still has the quiver tied to his back and is seen trying to barge out of an underground passageway while it explodes. His location in that particular scene is still unbeknownst, but it certainly takes place before his timely transformation into Ronin. Rocket Raccoon and War Machine team up for yet another exciting pairing!
Rocket and Rhodey joining forces!
Avengers: Infinity War was all about configuration of new and intriguing superhero coteries. Iron Man and Spider-Man paired up with Doctor Strange, before they are joined by some of the Guardians of the Galaxy whereas Thor spends most of his time with Groot and Rocket. Looks like the trend is set to continue in the Endgame. We already know Stark and Nebula are working their way back to earth together after coming through as the only survivors from Titan, but the new trailer shows Rocket clinging on to a perch on War Machine’s armor, hinting at yet another new match-up. Rocket is also seen tucked away in his classic comic costume, whereas Rhody has his armor upgraded. Together, they are either readying for a fight or possibly to pull off a task. Either way, it’s going to be epic! Nebula battling someone in a hinterland
Where is this, Nebula?
Besides Rocket, Nebula was the only other character from the Guardians group to come through Infinity War unscathed. And now, she will have a bigger role to play in Endgame. The new trailer shows her brandishing swords before she makes a rallying cry and hurtles towards something – possibly Thanos. But the place is in the rack and ruins, reminiscent of Titan’s condition following the colossal battle with the purple giant. However, if you notice carefully, looks like Rocket, War Machine and even Captain America, as depicted later on in the clip, are at the same place. Speculations are rife that our heroes are locking horns with the Mad Titan and could also possibly be the final act, but we still don’t know what this place is. Black Widow’s constantly changing hair indicates time gap
Black Widow’s changing look has left the fans scratching their heads
Another particularly eye-catching aspect of this trailer is Black Widow’s changing hairstyle and colour. She sports a longer and burgundy-coloured hair during scenes where Cap’s talking to her; when she meets Barton; and even in the final act (more on this ahead). However, in the last moment of the clip, she has a much shorter and a white dyed hair. That particular moment supposedly carries on from Captain Marvel’s mid-credit scene where we see Carol Danvers confronting the Avengers. If that’s the case, then all the other scenes which has her sporting a new look might be taking place after a considerable time-gap, which in turn means the actual mission to undo or reverse the snap, doesn’t happen in the immediate aftermath of it. The heroes probably take sometime to lay their heads in water and come up possible solutions or simply, it might be just another misdirection from the Marvel thinktank. Cap and Tony reunite!
Finally they meet again!
In the final moments of the clip, we see all the heroes assemble under one roof and perambulate towards something. But as the camera pans across them, we also notice Tony in the mix. Firstly, that means he and Nebula (who is also seen in that moment) safely make their way back to earth. Secondly, Cap and Tony reunite before they set off on the mission. Finally. Following the acrimonious feud between the two main Avengers in Civil War, fans expected the two to bump into each other at some point in Infinity War. In fact, Stark almost sought his help on Bruce Banner’s insistence. But some unforeseen circumstances led to Banner ringing Cap himself. That’s the closest we’ve seen those two reunite. But in Endgame, we knew Cap and Stark had to join forces again, and the trailer has given us it’s first glimpse. That final sequence opens with the former all decked up in a new suit, before closing down with Stark in hindsight. That means, by this point, those two have not only met, but also buried the hatchet. What remains to be seen is at what point would this happen, although it’s comprehensible that it won’t be long into the film. New costumes hint at possible time travel
Quantum suits?
Perhaps the best and the most important bit of the trailer – Avengers in the new costume, likely to be the quantum realm costume. Cap, Black Widow, the Ant-Man, Nebula, Barton, Rhodey and Stark are all seen tucked away in the white-and-red outfit as the group possibly head towards the quantum tunnel to embark on the much speculated time travel. Endgame is widely touted to involve this concept as leaked videos and images from the set have sparked speculations ever since. But a revelation of this costume – as teased by the merchandise products earlier in the year – all but further affirm the theory. Also, Thor, Captain Marvel and Doctor Banner are all conspicuous by their absence in this scene: looks like the most powerful triumvirate of the group are headed separate ways, perhaps to keep Thanos engaged while the others undo the catastrophe he inflicted.
Thor is coming for Thanos all by himself?
This also makes more sense if you recall Thor hobbling through a wooden passageway with his axe in the Superbowl trailer, which is similar to the one Thanos arrived at after snapping. It’s a further indication that he, along with Captain Marvel and Banner, will stay put in present and hence won’t be travelling back in time. Phew…. that’s too much to contemplate on from a simple trailer. But that’s exactly what Marvel wants us to do, before springing the inevitable surprise and catching us completely nonplussed. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Endgame opens in cinemas on 26 April 2019.