Eid Mubarak : Artists seek blessings and strength in desolate times

Festivals are time for celebration, happiness, laughter, faith and prosperity. Of seeking blessings for a better future. Eid is one such pious occasion. 2020 has been an extremely tough year for all of us across the globe, having to deal with a pandemic, severe cyclone, forest fires, lockdown, locust invasion, economic downturn, plane crash several deaths and what not. Perhaps, all of us need blessings more than anything right now for the world to heal soon. Today’s Eid is different as people are homebound and couldn’t enjoy it with friends and relatives. But on this sacred day, here’s looking ahead at positivity, hope, strength to overcome the crisis we are in. Here are some posts of invoking better days and faith : Abhijeet Kini Studios “Hope everyone has a happy and safe Eid in these tough times. We ourselves miss going out to Mohammad Ali road for the awesome food, but safety comes first,” shared Abhijeet Kini.
Monky Ink Blots “All our festivities are filled with people, lights and colours. We didn’t want the pandemic to take that away. Bees and butterflies collect food from flowers, that’s how the idea of making them a part of the composition came into being. Social distancing has left many of us feeling anxious, although this doesn’t apply to butterflies and bees, these characters represent us and how a small gesture can make someone’s day,” said Ahmed Sikander and Anuradha Pathak (cinematographer and photographer) who jointly created the artwork.
Mahafuj Ali – Comic Artist at MAli’s “Eid’ is called “festival of happiness”. We buy new clothing, go to relatives’ places. But this year actually happiness is not there. But that does not mean we won’t celebrate. We will celebrate and we will donate. Also with this Eid, maybe it’s our chance to celebrate and pray together at home, irrespective of gender. So my message is We can celebrate at home. Festival will come again.Durga Puja, Christmas , we have a lot on the list. There is no point of being a threat to public health just to maintain tradition. We should not forget about those people who are working hard outside so that we can stay at home and a lot of people even lost their homes. Also today surprisingly happens to be Kavi (poet) Nazrul Islam’s birthday, I found a great quote from his poem which talks about being human in the disturbed world. We need to celebrate humanity more than anything now. “সকল ক্ষুদ্রতা হতে বাঁচাও প্রভু উদার হে প্রভু, শেখাও-নীচতার চেয়ে নীচ পাপ নাহি আর।” (Benevolent God, save us from all the pettiness and narrow mindedness as there’s nothing meaner than hate towards fellow humans) Alicia Souza – Comic Artist “Eid Mubarak you wonderful people! May your day be spent with the most amazing food, family and a lot of good feels,” she captioned her artwork.
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Eid Mubarak you wonderful people! May your day be spent with the most amazing food, family and a lot of good feels ❤️❤️❤️

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Krishnendu Mondal – Illustrator Noted he, “This year’s Eid is not like previous years. Missing the pictures of embrace, the flavour of ‘Shahi Biryani’, ‘sevai’ and lot more! But we can seek blessings from Allah at home. Let’s maintain social distancing and pray for the migrants and the distressed ! Hope the next Eid will be the best Eid after all this over.” Reesham Shahab Tirtho – Illustrator Noted Tirtho from Dhaka, “Eid is so different in these difficult times of Corona with hardly any celebration at all. People are locked in their homes, offering namaaz indoors. No celebration at “chand night” either. No meetings and gatherings of friends and family. Streets of neighbourhoods are empty, no music or celebration there.  It’s perhaps the first time the whole world has witnessed Eid like this. The poor and needy ones are suffering the most. Generally on Eid they get to enjoy and live a little. Here, after Amphan, that too is beyond reality. All we can hope is that the hard times be over soon. This Eid, being optimistic and being safe and sound is the only way to celebrate.”
Reetuparna Dey – Comic Artist and illustrator “Bong’s Comics heartily wishes you Eid Mubarak! This year it is going to be different. But let us all stay patient and prepare for a happier, safer next year vaali Eid!,” Dey wished her followers. These are testing times for the entire human race and all we can do is co-operate, stand by each other and be compassionate to each other as life’s too small and uncertain for hatred. “Chaand mubarak, har din mubarak from us to all.”  (This article has been written by Sharmindrila Paul and Yugandhara Shete)