‘Godzilla vs Kong’ prequel comic book shares new look at adult Kong

Godzilla vs Kong will be one of the next big films to hit theaters if things goes well. An announcement went live recently confirming a prequel comic to the movie is in the works, thanks to WonderCon @ Home. Fans also got a preview of the comic and its new take on Kong. Legendary Pictures are keeping the plot under wraps and has been tease some of the upcoming tie-ins, introducing a new Titan named Camazotz, named for a Mayan bat-god. They also include stunning images of an older Kong, older and taller than ever before, bearing a long ragged beard. The Kong seen in Kong: Skull Island was clearly just a baby, explaining why he has now grown to such a size he can take on Godzilla. The comic panels also show an abnormally large Bengal tiger, a creature originally intended to appear in Kong: Skull Island. In The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island, writer John Gatins described a scene that was never developed in which two of these creatures attacked the soldiers. It will be interesting to see whether any of the other creatures designed for Kong: Skull Island appear in the coming showdown, or even make their way to the big screen in the future that follows Godzilla vs Kong.