Host virtual parties with fun games and activities while practicing social distancing #WhenAtHome

Today is the auspicious occasion of Eid, and it can be extremely unfortunate for some people celebrating this festival amid the lockdown brought in by the pandemic, not being able to meet and greet their loved ones on a special day like this. While we cope up with our lives and finding newer ways to talk and socialise with people, gaming has come out as a major contender. People are spending their leisure time to catch up with their loved ones online and even many spending their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and much more over online games. While it is definitely not the ideal way, it can be fun to catch up with your family and friend virtually over some online games on Houseparty during that festival call! The app has combined features of many social platforms. Here are some games available on the app which you can try out with your peers! Chips and Guac: This hilarious word association game makes for hours of non-stop laughs. To play, one person deals a descriptor card — these cards say something like “sneaky” or “can’t even” — and everyone else puts down a card that they think best matches that descriptor. (In that way, the game is super similar to Cards Against Humanity. A judge chooses which match is funniest, and the person who put down that card wins that round. Heads Up – Act it Out, Family Style: This deck is extra fun because it requires everyone to work as a team (and we could all use a little extra teamwork in these trying times). Each card in the deck is meant to be acted out by three or more people — and so everyone needs to be on top of their game. This one will be familiar with and especially to those who often frequent actual house parties in real life. Essentially, this is the game where you would normally stick a card on your head with a name on it, while others feed you clues so you can guess the name. Trivia Decks: is another game available through Houseparty and this is a general knowledge game. Trivia comes with many different categories and topics, and with one selected, everyone takes part in quick-fire rounds to see who can score the most. Houseparty has 18 free trivia decks, which means you can keep those game-night skills in tip-top shape. For example if someone picks up “General Knowledge,” for the simple fact it will help to tests your friends’ knowledge of simple facts. Quick Draw: Who’s the best artist in your group? You’re about to find out. Quick Draw and this one works largely in the same way as Pictionary, where the one player is tasked with drawing something, and the other players have to try and guess what it is based on the drawing. Simply when you play, you’ll see a word at the top of your screen and a blank drawing pad; the other players will only see your drawing. Draw the word on the screen to the best of your ability and see if the other players can guess it. Other options apart from Houseparty Facebook is another contender in this space, with its messenger app offering users the ability to play games with friends or family. Simply video call your chosen contact, and once you’re connected, click on ‘activity’ in the top right-hand corner. The activities on offer are a little rudimentary, but use augmented reality (AR), meaning the elements respond to your camera. Facebook also offers a gaming tab, where you can play against friends – albeit, without a camera. Another option is Bunch Group Video Chat and Games an app that does what it says on the tin it allows video chat and play games with friends. As well as challenging friends to trivia quizzes or testing their drawing skills, one can play pool together or race against each other in a selection of retro 8-bit games.