VFX ‘Edens Zero’ season two to premiere on 1 April; new trailer released -

‘Edens Zero’ season two to premiere on 1 April; new trailer released

The highly awaited second season of Edens Zero is set to premiere this Spring, and the anime has officially announced the release date for the new episodes with a new trailer. Before the final episode of the first season of the show that aired last year, director Yuji Suzuki had passed away. After then, the show’s future remained uncertain, however early last year it was revealed that a second season of the anime was returning. Fans have received the greatest peek at the upcoming episodes so far as the show is back in action and is preparing for its debut this spring.

Previously it was announced that the anime would mark its debut this April as a part of the Spring 2023 anime schedule, and now the makers have confirmed that the new anime will be released overseas on 1 April. Shiki Granbell and the other members of the Edens Zero crew have been thrust into an intense new arc in the upcoming episodes of season two, which the series has released a new trailer to commemorate the announcement of the premiere.

Shiki and the others will be engaged in a direct conflict with Drakken Joe and some formidable new enemies. Thankfully, it won’t be too long until the fans can see these episodes. It’s the largest conflict the team has been in up to this point. However, it is yet unknown if Netflix will broadcast the new episodes simultaneously with their initial premiere or would save them for a binge release months later for those outside of Japan.