VFX Comic books that are more than just comic books

Comic books that are more than just comic books

Comic books have been known for their fun and carefree writing style. However, some comic books have managed to stand out. These are comic books that took that fin and freestyle and managed to add something a little more to it. Comic books that have altered the way in which we look at comic books forever.

Comic Books That Changed the way we look at Comic Books

Watchmen by Alan Moore

Watchmen is one of the many comic books that were changed into a movie, according to some best usa online casinos offering comic-books themed online slots. Both the movie and the comic book are amazing, to be honest. 

What we like about this comic book is the way that it was presented. It looked at the other side of heroes and villains. Presenting the world to anti-villains. Characters who are neither heroes nor superheroes, but who want the better of the world and have to do whatever it takes to maintain the peace and humanity in the world. 

Watchmen looks at how heroes can fail and it also shows that the heroes are not as perfect as they claim to be.

 Both the movie and the comic book will make you go through a roller coaster of emotions and are worth the read and the watch as well. 

Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales

Though this comic book did not get a movie of it’s on, it was a very good comic book. The comic book looks at what our favourite DC heroes have to go through in order to be the heroes that they are.  Like Watchmen, Identity Crisis shows that heroes, even with their superpowers are still human after all.

Despite them being in the cast in so many real money online pokies or online casino slot games, even superheroes fail at times.