Animiz unveils free animation software for easy and stunning video creation

Animiz has announced its free animation software for March 2020 to allow enterprises, marketers, and individuals to communicate their stories through stunning animation videos.

With the new software launch, the company allows users of all skill levels across industries to create compelling videos with powerful media elements, animations, and content. The software has loads of features that help to design compelling data visualizations that will engage audiences and bring about better marketing outcomes.

Animiz has always been a trend setter when it comes to video software development. The company keeps innovating to bring in new products into the digital markets. It has worked to make the process of animation, video creation easy and quick, using its top-of-the-line animation software. 

Users can create their social media videos, product presentations, training videos, trade show videos and more within minutes. Animiz offers them the flexibility needed to make their marketing efforts pay off. They can transform their ideas into vivid content that will inspire viewers. The new animation is free to all registered users.

Animiz manager Jason Chan said, “Our animation video software is an all-round tool for various industries and job roles. We have designed the tools to fit any marketing strategy and objective. Users can take advantage of the free tools to design animation videos for various purposes including holidays, invitations, celebrations, business, marketing, and so much more. We are delighted to be able to offer a tool that will help them excel in their ventures.”

Animiz offers plenty of pre-designed templates, motion elements, backgrounds, video assets, roles, scenes, music and much more. The company gives users complete creative control of their projects, with the ability to include brand logos, graphics, colors, and other elements that will keep them on-target with customization to ensure higher engagement and conversion rates. Users can also create animations for training their employees to help drive productivity for their companies.

Animation also offers a vibrancy that helps to make storytelling interesting and appealing. While it entertains and engages the audience, it also conveys brand messages in a very powerful way. Users can create animation videos for brand awareness or content marketing. Animiz helps them be professional marketers who can create as many animation videos as they desire and share them across networks to boost engagement, conversions, and sales. It also helps to keep their data safe and secure using the highest standards.