Claymation hero ‘Morph’ makes a comeback on Youtube

More than 35 years after he was first created out of terracotta modelling clay at a Bristol studio Morph is set to return, this time on the online streaming giant – YouTube. Animators at Aardman in Bristol have spent five months creating 15 episodes using 150 clay models. They have used the original ‘Morph scales’ which ensure each model contains exactly 162g of clay to create the perfect statuette. The first episode of the new series will air on Morph’s YouTube channel at 5.15 pm (UK standard time) on 4 July – the exact time the character first appeared on BBC1 on 15 February 1977.
According to a few reports, the return of Morph was made possible by a crowd funding campaign which raised Ł110,000 from 2,500 fans in a month to fund the new animations. But the series has been produced using the same traditional animation techniques, which was axed in 1997, in the original series. Co-founder of Aardman, Peter Lord, was surprised and humbled that even after almost 40 years of Morph’s creation; the little one still has a zealous following, especially on YouTube and Facebook. As well as Morph’s new episodes, the character will also be used to introduce the programme ‘See Hear’, a show created with deaf or visibly impaired children in mind. There was an issue as to whether Morph was up to the task, as although he has a thumb, his fingers are merged together, and limiting the amount he can sign. Luckily he can sign “Hello and welcome to See Hear” and one can watch the first of the new episodes via Morph’s You Tube channel on 4 July.