MindShift Interactive delivers a successful digital campaign for HomeShop18

MindShift Interactive, an insightful digital outreach agency, successfully completed a comprehensive and impactful digital and social media campaign for HomeShop18’s 360 degree brand campaign “Shopping Makes Me Happy.”

The campaign that explored humor via jokes and memes garnered 100 million impressions in less than a month. It reached out to the Indian consumers, with the first time ever use of WhatsApp marketing, thereby being the pioneers to leverage this medium. The campaign was thoughtfully implemented with a digital marketing mix of social media – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and an interactive microsite – www.shoppingmakesmehappy.com. The customers were also engaged through HomeShop18’s email subscribers their TV, web and mobile application.

On the thought behind the campaign, MindShift Interactive CEO Zafar Rais states: “Consumers are increasingly making all their decisions through the digital medium, and hence, introducing the mascots through this route was an important part of the launch. With an interactive website launching the TVC and social media and mobile being used like never before, we’ve created a seamless connect between traditional and digital media to take it forward and create buzz, resulting in a MindShift within the advertising space. Being the first to use WhatsApp messaging without being invasive created an innovation within mobile marketing that was very well received.”

The Shopping Makes Me Happy campaign received overall impressions of over 100 million across social media, 200,000 WhatsAppSubscribers and 140,000 YouTube views for the TVC and witnessed over 320,000 unique visits on the microsite, with users being addicted to the unbeatable offers and contests like #18HappyMoments, #HS18Trivia, #ShopForPop and many other routes spread happiness amongst all. The aim of the brand campaign was to strike an instant connect with the effective storyline of Billy and Sunny – two animated protagonists and inform the customers about the credibility, wide range of products available and the best possible price on HomeShop18, a digital commerce platform, in a witty and funny way.

Speaking about the campaign, HomeShop18 CMO Vikrant Khanna said: “We are delighted with the response that we have received from HomeShop18’s ‘Shopping Makes Me Happy’ campaign. The blend of traditional and digital media ensured reaching out to each of our customer segments. The TVC, assured mass reach and digital engagement guaranteed content for all. Using the loveable and clutter breaking cats across digital through a specialized micro site, WhatsApp, memes and engaging contests has ensured success in the form of business impact and buzz for our brand.”

For the first time, digital marketing explored a new medium in the mix – WhatsApp Marketing, considering the strong penetration it has in India. MindShift Interactive innovated in the campaign by using WhatsApp to spread happiness for users’ on-the-go via amusing memes and jokes through the father-son duo of Billy and Sunny, whilst providing offers to consumers as well. Over 200,000 WhatsApp subscribers were sent daily content. The customers also had an option to subscribe to these entertaining memes, updates on the Caturday Sales and exciting offers and be part of the enjoyable life of Bill & Sunny.

On social media, the witty Billy and Sunny were used to engage with the customers through individual Twitter presence. Their conversations were focused on generic topics like happiness and excitement around shopping, fashion, jokes, etc. The duo interacted with key opinion leaders and digital enthusiasts, as two individuals that were passionate about shopping and spreading happiness through it. On Facebook, the content was intertwined with the theme of happiness and extending to interesting promotions and deals that ensured happy customers. The engagement rate soared up to 45 per cent, while the digital commerce portal saw a total of 30 per cent visits more than the usual days.

On the day of the campaign launch, Homeshop18 conducted a contest to encourage customers to participate by sharing Happy Moments over a period of three days across Twitter, Facebook and the microsite, www.Shoppingmakesmehappy.com using the hashtag #18HappyMoments. The happiest tweets received daily gifts that ranged from a VU LED TV, Nikon Camera, iPad etc.

The total impressions of the campaign were over 100 Million across the digital space, with a total of 320,000 Visits on the website, 200,000 subscribers on WhatsApp and in addition to that, the Shopping Makes Me Happy TVCs garnered a total of 140,000 Views on YouTube.

The microsite continues to offer some of the best deals the brand has to offer and engage customers with happy moments through Billy and Sunny and their fun joining consumers on WhatsApp. The move ensures emphasis on ‘Shopping Makes Me Happy’.

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