‘Batwoman’ first trailer receives flak on YouTube

CW has launched the first trailer for the show Batwoman, its upcoming latest entry in the Arrowverse. Going to air alongside Supergirl this fall, Batwoman follows Kate Kane (played by Ruby Rose), cousin to Bruce Wayne, taking up the mantle after Batman goes missing from Gotham City in the midst of a crime wave. The trailer focuses on how she becomes Batwoman to rescue her ex-girlfriend Crow security officer Sophie Moore.
The trailer has received a lot of negative feedback and comments as people on YouTube are not very happy with the new series. Commenters on YouTube have downvoted as the show, according to them seems to be insulting straight sex people and white males. The trailer has 3.8 million views, over 64,000 likes, 241,000 Dislikes and over 66,000 comments. The network officially greenlit the series earlier this month and unveiled a very brief teaser trailer. The latest trailer sets up the formula that The CW has used with a bunch of its DC adaptations: a central hero standing against crime, supported by a small team of technically minded friends and allies. The universe also managed to bring in NBC’s short-lived Constantine for a crossover. As it joins this interconnected universe, Batwoman looks like it’ll help fill the void that will soon be left by Arrow, which will end with its eighth season this fall. The CW has been crossing these shows over regularly with big, multi-episode events, and last December, it used its Elseworlds crossover to introduce Kane and her alter ego, which brought together characters from The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. The CW also announced that its next big crossover event will take place this fall: an adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which looks to be the network’s biggest to date, weighing in at nearly six hours and will include Arrow, Batwoman, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.