‘Chintoo’ comics to be compiled together in a book

The utterly loved comic strip, Chintoo which started in 1991 and reached every household through newspapers in black and white format became a part and parcel of our everyday routine. The comics published in newspaper from 1991 to 2000 are now compiled in a book, consisting of 16 volumes which launched today, 22 May 2019 at Srujan Art Gallery, Pune by veteran comic artist S. D. Phadnis and author Meena Prabhu. “Since 1991, the Chintoo comics published are read by an entire generation and now will be read by their next generation. It’s a pleasure to hear from many young parents that they are happy that their kids can revive the same fun they had through this compilation of comic strips,” said Chintoo comic artist Charuhas Pandit. With over more than 2400 comic strips published since 1991, the fun is now compiled together and can be treasured forever. The aura of the earlier published black and white strips is maintained in the newly published books. Only through Facebook promotion, the team has managed to sell over 48,000 copies, mentioned Pandit. “We are happy to bring back the humour and fun to the generation who have read the comics in newspaper and hope that we manage to evoke nostalgia.” The distribution of the comic book has already started and will be made available in bookstores on Amazon India. When are you grabbing the copies?