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Which version of video poker is the best?

Although it is not the easiest casino game to play, video poker is one of the few casino games
with respectable odds that is worthwhile to play for a few fast dollars. In contrast to slots, where
only the casino and the game’s creator are aware of your chances of winning, video poker
allows you to assess your probability of outsmarting the house.

You have complete control over your winnings and can even create a plan based on the game
you play. The odds in every game of video poker are clear. It implies that anyone may
determine their chances of succeeding and beating the house edge. You can find more info
about this game here: mbitcasino.io/video-poker

In this sense, you will have the highest chance of winning by selecting the video poker games
with the best odds. Choosing a game with the finest Return to Player ratio will, believe it or not,
guarantee that, on average, you can anticipate winning more money than you lose, a trait that is
uncommon in casino games.

The best odds
Double Bonus Poker is the finest video poker game to play just based on odds. You’ll be paid to
play this game because your statistical chances are so good. Another excellent option is Jacks
or Better due to its widespread appeal and excellent payout and house edge ratio.

Double Bonus Poker
When playing real money casino games online, you should choose the game with the best
odds. Double Bonus Poker has such fantastic odds that you are paid to play.

Double Bonus Poker has a computed payback percentage of 100.17%. Casinos reduce the pair
reward from two to one to offset the large payoff on entire hands. Simply said, playing this type
of video poker will result in more wins than losses.

Nevertheless, take into consideration that it is unlikely that you can make a living playing Double
Bonus video poker. With five coins every play, you can play this game nonstop for an hour and
spend $750 while making $1.275. A staggering $51 per week would be yours if you continued to
play Double Bonus Poker for 40 hours a week.

Jacks or Better
Even if the odds on this video poker game aren’t the finest, you’ll almost certainly find it in any
casino. The best course of action would be to hunt for a casino that offers a 9/6 paytable before
you start playing Jacks or Better. This game has a payback percentage that soars to 99.54%,
which is better than the odds of professional blackjack players.

The game is remarkably similar to 5 Card Draw and is fairly simple. You will be dealt five cards,
and you can decide which ones to keep. You can then rate your hand according to poker
rankings. Pairs are the lowest-paying hand, while the royal flush has a payout of 800 to 1, with
the rank determining.

Deuces Wild
The 2s in the deck are wild cards and can be used as any card you might need to construct a
hand in Deuces Wild. This version makes the game essentially identical to Jacks or Better.
The lowest-paying hand in Deuces Wild is a three-of-a-kind as a result of this variation’s impact
on the game’s dynamics. In a five-coin game, the royal flush continues to have the greatest
payout—800 to 1.

Deuces Wild has a better payback percentage than Jacks or Better with 99.73%, but you won’t
find this game very frequently. One of the top-paying games available is certainly Deuces Wild if
you can find a casino that offers it.

Bonus Poker
Although its difference from Jacks or Better is slightly subtle, in Bonus Poker, the payout
depends on the rank.

Bonus Poker has a 99.17% payback percentage. Therefore it’s not a game you should play
frequently. Since the game is so unpredictable, your winnings could change. But in the majority
of casinos, the highest-paying video poker games are always those with payback percentages
over 99%.