VFX 'The Last Of Us Together Part II' director reveals they are working on several new projects -

‘The Last Of Us Together Part II’ director reveals they are working on several new projects

Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog and director of The Last of Us Part II, has revealed that the studio is working on several new projects as per NME.

Druckmann recently took to Twitter to share that the critically acclaimed studio is currently working on a number of things but asks for patience within the gaming community. He said, “If you tweet at me, asking about a future project, I can’t say anything… Please stay patient. We have several cool things we can’t wait to share with you. As soon as we can, we will!”

The comment about ‘several cool things’ is revealing though, as it suggests that Naughty Dog has multiple projects underway at the moment, despite usually only making one game at a time. However, it is relatively easy to guess at what Druckmann is referring to, as he has already said that a multiplayer mode based on The Last Of Us Part 2 would be released in the future, after being cut from the original release, and what appears to be gameplay footage already having leaked.

It’s unclear whether he meant a standalone game or an expansion for the current one, but what’s also likely is some kind of PlayStation 5 remaster, given the current version has only had minor enhancements for Sony’s newest console – and again details of exactly that have already leaked.