Discreet Arts to expand its roots, appoints former Technicolor ex-creative executive Steven Wendland as president for the US office

Steven Wendland

Discreet Arts USA is set to expand its original IP of developing and producing and work-for-hire business. It will be partnering with studios, broadcasters, platforms, and other animation companies

On 4 March 2021, Discreet Arts, a world-class animation studio headquartered in India, Hyderabad, opened a U.S. office in Burbank, California, with animation industry creative veteran, Steven Wendland who is appointed as the president. The announcement was made by Discreet Arts founder and CEO Srikanth Pottekula.

Under the leadership of Wendland, Discreet Arts USA will focus on the expansion of the company’s  2D and CGI-animated work-for-hire services for children’s and family content, including film, television, gaming, apps for Android and iOS, and interactive publishing. Wendland originally specialized in cinematography during his film studies, winning a Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award.

Wendland is also tasked to develop and produce original content, drawing both on current Discreet Arts-owned properties, as well as building a new IP slate. He shifted his interest to visual effects and joined the first season of Stargate SG-1 in 1996, and then again to CG animation when he joined Mainframe in 1998, before finally joining Technicolor in 2008. He has been nominated for a BAFTA and an EMMY for his producing and directing efforts.

Some of Wendland’s many clients over the years include Technicolor, Anima Estudios, Titmouse, MEG Toys, Studio 100, 6 Point Harness, Telegael, WildBrain Studios, Byju’s, and Bento Box Entertainment. 

Producer of dozens of series and films over the past decade, Discreet Arts founder and CEO Srikanth Pottekula said, “We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built over the years of delivering consistent first-class animation for our clients, and now is the opportune time to further expand our operations by establishing a U.S. presence to build upon our strong relationships and attract new business. Steven brings years of solid expertise in animation production and creative and possesses all of the tools to drive our growth in our original IP and work-for-hire businesses. We look forward to furthering our commitment to provide creative innovation as we expand to offer U.S. clients a broad range of services.”

Discreet Arts has invested in and produced several projects, adding to its library of original content. Their notable feature films include Top Cat Begins, Top Cat: The Movie, Ana and Bruno, Monster Island, Guardians of Oz, Norm of the North, and Captain Morten and the Spider Queen to name a few. Some of the many CG and 2D animated series include Wissper, Marco Polo, Tashi, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lalaloopsy, Tarzan and Jane, and Puppy in My Pocket.

Steven Wendland was vice president of Animation and head of Creative Development at Technicolor’s LA office until 2020. Prior to joining Technicolor, Wendland worked at Canada’s Mainframe Entertainment (later Rainmaker Entertainment). While at Mainframe, Wendland produced many projects, including direct-to-video movies and many animated television series, including Spider-Man – The New Animated Series for Sony and MTV.

“Discreet Arts is known for its focus on substance and reliability, consistently delivering quality animation that has propelled the company’s growth over the past ten years,” said Wendland. “I’m thrilled to join with Srikanth in our new U.S. operation, where we will continue to expand the work-for-hire business by establishing new direct relationships with studios, animation production companies, broadcasters and streamers, and provide a front-end office link to the India studio. And I look forward to building the company’s library of properties with even more ideas and stories of universal appeal.”