VFX The journey of ‘BGMI’ in India so far -

The journey of ‘BGMI’ in India so far

Krafton has recently opened its early access of the game BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) for everyone and it has reportedly already surpassed five million downloads at the Google Play store. The early access was only for limited players on a first come first serve basis, therefore only a few got hands-on access to the game.

The three creators who were also in the official teaser video of BGMI and have played the beta version of the game, shed light on the experience of playing the game.

Aaditya Sawant a.k.a Dynamo Gaming said, “With the exclusive battle royale game, Krafton successfully keeps its promise to the Indian esports community. As I was recently exploring the game, the virtual setup took me down memory lane, which has only intrigued my interest to soon play this game with my followers online and share the excitement. The game is fun to even watch and has interesting characters. As an esports lover, I can sense that BGMI will receive a positive response from Indian gamers.”

Chetan Chandgude a.k.a Kronten Gaming said, “As promised, the virtual world created by Krafton with the new elements makes BGMI more adventurous and fun to play. I personally was very emotional and excited when I first got the experience of playing BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, the whole community looking forward to the exclusive version will be overwhelmed once they will experience this game. It will raise the expectation to everyone, not only the gamers community but even people, in general, people who are curious about how big this will be in the world of esports will get their answers. Content creators community and esports ecosystem will get the much-needed acceleration in their respective fields with this exclusive game. Now, the early access to the beta version of the game is open for all, I will urge everyone to be a part of this historic game and share their experiences.”

Jonathan Amaral a.k.a TSMentJONATHAN said, “The coming of BGMI has created a lot of hype and excitement among Indian esports fans. While getting my first experience through the game, I could feel how the theme is relatable to the Indian gamers and the different elements included in the complete virtual set to offer a unique experience. The actions, the jumps, the characters all play a role in enhancing the experience. The constant attempts made by Krafton to rebuild itself in the Indian market prove that the Indian esports community has matured and has attracted interest on the global stage. With each year the gaming community is growing and more professional players are taking advantage of it. With a healthy and competitive esports environment, the latest launch will raise interest among more esports enthusiasts and content creators which will be taking the industry to a new horizon.”

Players from all around the country who got to download the game celebrated the early access and some also posted about the same Twitter.

However the launch of the game felt buggy to many players as many raised concern that they are facing problems while pairing up and also with downloading the maps. To this, the official BGMI Twitter handle shared how one can solve the issue:

Apart from that, PUBG Mobile players can transfer their play history to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA which was a huge worry for many players post the ban of the game. But the brand shared that the data transfer from PUBG Mobile to BGMI is possible and players can get back all their previous data.

The game also pulled a controversy, reported first by IGN, that they have conducted an experiment and discovered that the data of the players device, through the game, might have been sent to a server in China.The report further stated that the data is sent to Tencent-run Proxima Beta in Hong Kong, along with Microsoft Azure servers located in the US, Mumbai, and Moscow Here are a few tweets which state how they faced issues with bugs and on players planning to uninstalling/unregistering due to security issues.

Later IGN also reported that it seems that Krafton has launched an update and has fixed the sharing of user data with servers in China. This fix happened after the chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on the Data Protection Bill and BJP Member of Parliament Meenakshi Lekhi urged an investigation on the matter.

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is yet to launch and the game is currently in its early access phase; so even if any issues occur, there is ample time for Krafton to fix them and fully launch the game.