Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition to commence in October with a more focused demo selection

The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition is starting from 7 October and will continue till 13 October, and it will likely have a more manageable selection of demos to play than last time.

Valve announced the next round of its Steam Game Festival series in a post to its official Steamworks development community. The post reveals that the Autumn Edition of the Steam Festival will run from 7October  to 13 October, and it will be followed by further festivals in 2021 (so don’t expect a Winter Edition this year).

In order for a game to be included in the next Steam Game Festival event, it must have a planned release date set for any time between 13October, 2020 and 1May, 2021.

“The Steam Game Festival is a great opportunity to get your demo out in front of a large audience before your game launches. Much like we did with The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, there will be options to participate in additional features, including live streams and developer Q&As. Demos will be eligible for the Autumn Edition if the game’s launch date is set between 13October , 2020, and 1May, 2021. If your game is ineligible this time, don’t worry! We will be announcing details soon on future Steam Game Festivals for 2021,” says the post.

Here’s how you can prepare to participate:

  1. Start preparing your demo
  2. Make sure to build your game’s store page so it is ready to go by the time you opt-in
  3. Opt-in anytime between 19August and 26August