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‘Pokemon Go’ introduced new battle raid rewards

Mega Evolution has finally arrived in Pokemon Go, giving players the flexibility to power up sure Pokemon into new forms. so as to Mega Evolve a Pokemon, however, players can 1st ought to collect that monster’s Mega Energy, and also the primary thanks to get that’s through a replacement style of Raid Battles known as Mega Raids.

The developer is removing two-star and four-star raids effort only one, three and five-star raids for players. Pokemon Go product lead Matt Slemon same that the two and four-star raids ar bring removed since they aren’t as fashionable because the different ones.

Instead, the developer has introduced Mega Raids and are a replacement tier of Raid Battles that may sporadically occur at Gyms. These are roughly Legendary Raids in terms of challenge, except they feature a Mega-Evolved Pokemon because the Raid boss.

If a player will defeat the Mega-Evolved Pokemon, they will receive its Mega Energy, that they will ought to Mega Evolve their own Pokemon. The quicker they defeat the Raid boss, the additional Mega Energy and different rewards they will earn once the battle. they will additionally get an opportunity to catch the Raid boss (in its commonplace, non-Mega-Evolved form).

Niantic is additionally removing the ‘team contribution’ bonus for raids. The studio felt that the system was below the belt penalising players on the minority groups. 

The ‘team contribution’ bonus is being replaced by a replacement speed clear bonus wherever the quicker they will win the raid the additional rewards and Premier Balls are they progressing to get once it’s done.