KRAFTON’s global collaboration with Microsoft Azure might assist in the return of ‘PUBG Mobile’ in India

It’s Diwali time and this time could have had been even more merrier for PUBG fans in India, but unfortunately, unlike last year it is not. Since 2 September 2020 the game has been banned in India, and recently the India server was pulled off taking the social media by storm.

Understanding the current scene most of the PUBG Mobile players either have migrated to alternative games like Call of Duty mobile or Garena Free fire and some are even waiting for the Indian PUBG, FAU:G to launch. However, many have switched their device preferences from mobile to PC to other as the game is running for other devices. The main reason the Indian government banned the mobile version in India was due to security reasons with the game’s Chinese partner Tencent.

Soon after it’s been on the news that PUBG Corporation has ended all publishing ties with Shenzhen-based Tencent Games. Further, there was news that PUBG Corporation was trying to work out a partnership deal with Reliance Jio to bring PUBG Mobile back to India. Seems like nothing has been fruitful for PUBG Corporation.

Now targeting the area of security, PUBG Mobile could make a comeback to India after the game’s developers struck a deal with American tech giant Microsoft to host the game on its servers. KRAFTON, the game’s creator and the parent company of PUBG corporation has announced that it is working with Microsoft Azure to host its portfolio of multiplatform products. The deal will include products directly operated by the company and its subsidiaries, including PUBG Corporation’s multiplayer battle royale PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) on PC and consoles, in addition to PUBG Mobile.
Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing service empowering game creators to build, run, and grow their games on a global scale.

In a press statement KRAFTON shared: “With privacy and data security being a top priority for KRAFTON, the company will be working with Microsoft to ensure personal data protection through Azure. Azure powers some of the biggest multiplayer games, featuring state-of-the-art security and the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider. The collaboration will ensure that privacy rights are respected and relevant software will be in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.”

It is true that with the announcement of Made in India battle royale game Netcore’s FAU:G right after the ban announcement of PUBG Mobile exploded the social media with mixed reactions. Post FAU:G’s teaser launch, it created various speculations; many said the graphics is not to the point while others couldn’t wait to get their hands on the game.  In midst of it, the PUBG Corporation is trying their best to relaunch the PUBG Mobile game in the Indian market before another contemporary game launch in India as existing games like CODM, FreeFire have gained a lot of traction due to the ban with new users and DAU rate. So for PUBG Mobile to make its comeback in India, this would be the best time.

The statement further expressed that “to reinforce data security, KRAFTON will be working with Microsoft to introduce a verification process to ensure that storage of personally identifiable information of its players follows all appropriate requirements in the territories where KRAFTON and its subsidiaries operate gaming services.”

It seems if everything goes well, PUBG Corporation might make an announcement of their official return in the next few days. The company aims to run a marketing campaign for the game during the Diwali week and also map out its future plans in the country. Only time will say whether it will be Happy Diwali for Indian ‘PUBG wale’ or not!