VFX Here are all the details of 'Valorant' Act 3 Battle Pass -

Here are all the details of ‘Valorant’ Act 3 Battle Pass

Valorant is set to release the last iteration for Episode 1, Act 3, next week on Tuesday, 13 October. A new agent, along with the rank refresh of all the players, is on its way. Continue reading to know all about this upcoming Act 3.

There’s a new map, Icebox, arriving as well as a new Agent, Skye. However, Skye won’t arrive until 27 October, so fans will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on that.

Valorant Battle Pass will cost 1,000 Valorant Points, which equates to roughly $10. This price point is the standard in the gaming industry and isn’t changing anytime soon. For the value, $10 isn’t a bad deal whatsoever. The Battle Pass contains 50 tiers full of skins and other cosmetics for you to use in Valorant. There are three skin collections, which are as follows:

  • Electroflux – Classic, Sheriff, Bucky
  • Jade – Ghost, Judge, Phantom, Spectre
  • Gothic – Guardian, Marshal, Shorty, Vandal, Knife

There will be various Gun Buddies, player cards, and Radianite Points up for grabs within the 50 tiers of the Battle Pass. However, it will take you around 100 hours of playtime to reach every tier. The update will bring the new Singularity Bundle, which looks fantastic. The Bundle will cost 8,700 VP but come will some cool features for the weapons. These features include distinctive draw and reload animations, special bullet tracers and sound effects, and a black hole finisher. The weapons coming with the Bundle are the Phantom, Spectre, Ares, Sheriff, and Knife.