‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ mythic weapon revealed

The evergrowing nature of Call of Duty Mobile leads to constant additions of new maps, modes, and weapons. A new weapon is set to arrive in Call of Duty Mobile soon, and the first weapon to have the special rarity attached to it will be the Fennec SMG.

The Fennec was released this season and is available in tier 21 of the battle pass. It has one of the highest fire rates of any weapon in the game and the weapon is highly customisable, which makes it effective for a variety of play styles.

The Fennec-Ascended is going to be the first Mythic weapon in CODM. The Fennec SMG was released earlier this season for the first time. The base version of the weapon is free and available in tier 21 of the Battle Pass. An epic variant of the same weapon is available in Tier 50 of the paid Battle Pass.

While many have claimed that the fire rate of this weapon is broken, nobody considers this weapon the meta. After the first one and a half weeks of using this weapon, the Fennec is now scarcely seen in ranked matches. While it is still a fun weapon to wield, the Fennec is not the first choice for many. Not with the likes of QQ9 and HG-40 in the SMG category.