Animax, Sify join hands to launch pan-India gaming war

Anime channel Animax in association with game caf?© chain Sify Gamedrome has introduced the first annual “Animax Grand Gaming Challenge 2007”, a gaming tournament that will be conducted across 66 cities in India and will feature top of the line, popular games like Counter Strike, FIFA, NFS UG2, Defense of The Ancients and Gunz Online.

Speaking to, Pijush Kanti Das, President, Access Media, Sify Ltd. said, “Apart from games, the event also looks at creating job opportunities, and educating todayâ€?s youth about the possibilities of gaming as a career.”

This alliance brings competitive synergies for Animax as it will be able to use Sifyâ€?s countrywide network reach. As Sunder Aaron, Country Head Animax, put it, “Working with Sify on the AGGC will truly boost the competition as they are the nationwide leader in online gaming.”

The competition is, at present, restricted to Indian participants but may later be opened to international candidates as well. “We would also be looking at going international soon, perhaps beginning with international participation first and then rolling out the event multi country at a later stage,” Das added.

The tournament format combines on air, online and ground resources to bring the competition to gamers. Participants above 15 years of age can register at a Sify Gamedrome or iWay in 66 cities by entering the �password of the day� which will be flashed on air on Animax and can also be accessed on-line or via the short messaging service on 2525.

To be part of the competition, a gamer needs to be an Indian citizen above 15. There could be as many teams from city. Entire country is then divided into 14 zones; there would be 14 such teams for each of the five games that will compete for finals. These zones then compete with each other, to arrive at 4 regional teams for 5 games. These four team will be decided during four zonal semi-finals to be conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

The competition will begin on February 8 with zonal and regional competitions, eventually narrowing down to the mega event at the Atria Mall in Mumbai on Feb 28 this year.

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