Thinksmart wins the best VFX award 2005 for “Atanokkade”

A VFX shot from "Atanokkade"

Hyderabad based animation and film studio Thinksmart has won the cinegoers award 2005 for best VFX in South Indian films for Tamil Movie �Atanokkade�.

The award was announced on 4th of January 2007 and The Andhra Pradesh Cinegoers Association presented the awards on 13th of January 2007.

The film is a vendetta potboiler that revolves about a man taking revenge on the people who killed all the members of his family. According to the studio, the movie has some well executed action sequences by stunt choreographer Stun Siva.

Still from "Atanokkade"

Talking about the movie, Thinksmart CEO Vishnu Manchu shared with, “The VFX work required a lot of homework and story board design by Thinksmart. Particularly two shots where a sumo which has around 20 people hanging from the side collide with another sumo at the speed of 120 kms, and all the people are thrown around, this shot cost around 30 lakhs.

He further added, “The other shot where two people jump off the bridge and the head of the bad guy gets cut mid air. Lot of research time was spent on how the blood spurts when in mid air and on the dynamics of the human body when thrown from a speeding SUV and stuff like that.”

The CG involved in the VFX for the movie was completed within 25 days and a team of 18 members were involved to complete the task.

Srinivasan, Visualizer, Thinksmart, shared his feelings, “It is an honor for Thinksmart to receive this award, our hard work has paid off and we look forward for more challenges. We will be making our presence felt this year and we hope to win the National Award for the film we are working now starring our CEO Vishnu Manchu.”

The cinegoers award is a prestigious award by the critics and it is awarded by the Chief Minister on basis of the south Indian Film Industry.

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