‘Among Us’ public beta update with newly added features is available on Steam

Among Us developer Innersloth recently announced it was cancelling plans for a sequel in order to work on the original game, and it seems like the first of those changes are already being introduced in the Among Us beta’s October update – with players spotting a number of additions that could make the deduction process rather more challenging.

Though there aren’t official patch notes as of yet, Among Us players have put together a decidedly unofficial list of new features on the game’s subreddit. These include shifting the wires task to make it more accessible for colorblind players (by making each wire have its own shape rather than just a color to differentiate them). However, it also gives game hosts more options to transform the game experience, including the ability to make voting anonymous, as well as making the task bar appear only at certain times. Both of these changes theoretically make it easier for imposters to skate by without being detected, but it’s up to the server creator to determine whether to use them or not.

The hype surrounding Among Us shows no real sign of slowing down, so doing what it can to maintain and improve the game is a very smart move by Innersloth. These beta changes, should they make it into the stable release, are sure to increase the chaos and bring new dynamics to the hit game. And, even if they do not make it out of the beta stage, these changes are sure to be far from the only ones Innersloth makes to the game. So if players do not see a change the like, it is worth hoping that it could turn up sooner or later. 

If you want to take the beta for a test-drive, you can find it on Steam by right-clicking on the game, selecting properties, and finding the betas tab. From there you’ll need to select “public-beta”, and the new version should start downloading. Unfortunately, the beta is only available for PC users, so those on mobile will have to wait until these features make it into the full release. Beta luck next time.