‘Among Us’ hackers are ruining the players experience

Among Us players have started to experience different types of cheating when they hop into matches. Thanks to cheaters, players have had their nicknames edited, their entire crews ejected at the start of the match, and had games where there was an extra impostor. The three-person studio Innersloth has been trying to tackle the problem.

According to Kotaku if a player peruses Among Us’ subreddit or searches the game on Twitter, they’ll immediately stumble across a host of cheating complaints.

These tend to take two forms: Some people cheat by covertly communicating with other players, who are actually their friends, and relaying information about who’s an impostor and who’s not—even if they’re not on the same team or have died and shouldn’t be communicating with anybody anymore. Others just straight up hack the game so that they can kill everybody instantly, see who’s an impostor, or employ old standbys like cheats that make them go incredibly, needlessly fast.

As game developer, InnerSloth is made up of just three people so it will definitely take some time to fix the hacking issue.

This fiasco is not likely to be the downfall of the wildly popular game as many users have been outing a hacker whenever they come across one.