Sony accidentally leaks ‘Spider-Man 3’ teaser confirming Spider-Verse

Soon we’ll witness Spider-Men in the MCU!! FandomWire previously reported that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s versions of Spider-Man will be joining Tom Holland for the untitled Spider-Man 3 movie. Now with Sony accidentally releasing a now-deleted Spider-Man 3 teaser, the speculation is now officially confirmed.

As per FandomWire report, “3 Spider-Man Together, the Title asked fans: “Who is your favorite Spider-Man?” It then revealed: “You don’t have to choose – in the Marvel multiverse, anything can happen.”

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx, who played Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, announced in October that he’ll reprise his role in the new MCU movie. The video further added: “In Spider-Man 3 you will quite possibly see everyone — yes — the three Peter Parkers saving the world together.”

The official video leaked by Sony features footage from the Sam Raimi movies as well as The Amazing Spider-Man movies to hint at the point. The promo ended with the promise that we will “find out more very soon.”

Before Sony deleted the video, it was already shared quite a number of times. Someone re-uploaded the teaser but it too was taken down by Sony, confirming its validity.

Tom Holland is already shooting for the MCU’s Spider-Man 3, and has managed to keep his lips sealed. Ironically, it’s not Holland who ruined the surprise this time. But the fact that Spider-Verse is happening is great news. Sony probably deleted the teaser to make way for a grander official announcement for the fans.