Benesse Corporation launches SVOD service ‘Meecha!’ for Japanese preschoolers

Benesse Corporation, the Japanese education services company, has announced partnership with major international producers to supply content. The new service, called ‘Meecha!’ (a playful term chosen as it sounds like the way Japanese children say Mi Cha O, which means “I want to watch this!”), will be launched in Japan at the end of March.

The leading educational property Shimajiro has announced the imminent launch of the major new SVOD service specializing in children’s programmes. Meecha! will bring together both programme content from Benesse Corporation, which has been providing early childhood education services for more than 30 years, and also carefully selected programmes from a number of major preschool content providers from around the world.

Benesse Corporation’s director of Global Business Division Daisuke Tebayashi said, “This major new service, addressing the on-demand content that even the youngest audiences have grown to expect, is tailored to deliver great educational programming from around the world. We believe this service will be popular with Japanese children and, thanks to its educational focus, parents too!”

The launch line-up includes CBeebies favourites like Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures and Yakka Dee; popular ABC Australia shows like Bobbie the Bear, Create and How To Do Stuff Good: and, from Serious Lunch Limited, Tik Tak, produced by VRT/Ketnet in Belgium, a show focused on stimulating perceptual development among toddlers and pre-schoolers that also transmits on CBeebies. 

The new service will also stream content featuring Benesse Corporation’s popular preschool character Shimajiro, including a brand-new 3D Shimajiro animation.

The channel will launch as part of Benesse Corporation’s early childhood education service Kodomo Challenge that reaches 800,000 members. It can also be accessed publicly as a subscription service for 660 yen ($6) per month.