VFX 'Leo and Tig' to air on DeAJunior (Sky) Italian channel -

‘Leo and Tig’ to air on DeAJunior (Sky) Italian channel

The popular animated series Leo and Tig, created by Parovoz Studio for Digital Television Russia, company starts broadcasting on DeAJunior (Sky) on 13 December.

Young viewers of DeAJunior (Sky) will have an amazing marathon of animation with the participation of Russian cartoon heroes during the Christmas holidays. 

Digital Television Russia has signed the contract for the sale of rights to broadcast the first season of the animated series Leo and Tig on the paid Italian children’s channel DeAJunior (Sky), owned by one of the largest Italian publishing houses De Agostini Editore, which has a great history of more than 110 years.

DeAJunior (Sky) is an Italian TV channel and entertainment site for preschoolers dedicated to cartoons and fantastic stories. DeAJunior (Sky) programs are entirely dedicated to a target audience aged three to five years old.

Leo and Tig is an animated series about the nature of the Far East and its inhabitants. There are two inseparable friends in the centre of the plot – the tiger cub Tig and the little leopard Leo. The characters explore the amazing natural phenomena and unravel the secrets of the forest every day. With twisted adventures, Leo and Tig learn to be kind, friendly, to help each other and respect nature.

The big journey of the cartoon series through Italy began this summer when Leo and Tig was first shown on Rai YoYo children’s channel. Young Italian viewers and their parents were fond of the adventures of the heroes. In August 2020, 0+ Media company, a part of Digital Television Russia, entered into an agreement with several Italian companies thanks to the licensing agent MDL, such as Play Press, Diramix, Mondadori, Grabo Balloons for production and sale of children’s goods with the image of kids’ favourite characters.

“After only a couple of months “Leo and Tig” already captured the attention of children and therefore also of licensees that immediately recognized its potential,” stated MDL president Maurizio Distefano. “We are confident that this property will continue its growth and bring great satisfaction to all different projects.”

To date, in addition to DeAJunior (Sky), dozens of TV channels and digital platforms, including Netflix and the largest Asian online cinemas, have already acquired the rights to show the Russian animated series Leo and Tig.