New animated series for preschoolers, ‘Pikwik Pack’, arrives on Disney Junior and DisneyNOW on 7 November

Preschoolers are in for a treat as a brand-new world of fun, surprise and adventure unveils with the premiere of Pikwik Pack in November. The animated series will be aired with two back-to-back episodes on 7 November at 8:30 am ET/PT on Disney Junior and DisneyNOW. 

Produced by Guru Studio, of PAW Patrol and True and the Rainbow Kingdom fame, Pikwik Pack is about working together for your community. The animated show follows four adorable animal friends as they work together to deliver magical surprises to the kind citizens of their bustling town.

The synopsis reads: Pikwik Pack brings to life in colourful 2D animation a bustling town filled with unique vehicles, bright buildings and friends of all shapes, sizes and colours. Each day, a new surprise arrives at the Pikwik Post that must be delivered! Together with the Pikwik Pack, viewers at home learn about navigating directions, geography and weather to deliver packages safely to their destinations. And though they may face rough rapids, stormy skies or a foggy forest, when they work together, the Pikwik Pack always delivers! Suki the brave hedgehog, along with Axel the go-getter raccoon, Tibor the reliable hippo and Hazel the silly cat, travel together by land, sea and air to bring packages of joy to their neighbours. Whether it’s a telescope, birthday gift or even a snow-cone – young viewers will learn gentle life lessons about the importance of community, responsibility and working as a team to accomplish a common goal.

“Kids everywhere love the thrill of unwrapping a special surprise, and they’ll get to experience this joy in each episode of Pikwik Pack. Parcel delivery is increasingly becoming a central part of families’ daily lives. In the town of Pikwik, kids get to witness firsthand the important role that package delivery plays in bringing communities together,” stated series creator Frank Falcone.