VFX Mighty pencil session draws attention to drawing -

Mighty pencil session draws attention to drawing

nullJust as without knowing the alphabet, one cannot be a writer, without the habit of sketching and acting, one cannot be a good animator.

Conducted by Rhythm and Hues‘ Vinayak, AniRights‘ Shyam and Pixar‘s Kamal Mistry, the ‘Mighty Pencil‘ session at the CG Tantra 2nd Anniversary event stressed on the importance of one of the most fundamental skills required in animation ‘Drawing and Sketching‘

Drawing attention to the might of the humble pencil, Kamal started by stating “Regardless of the fact, where your animation is going to end up, on a digital screen in 3D or on a mobile game in 2D, no matter how big your production scale may be, it all begins with pencil on paper”

The audience gasped with awe even as R&H‘ Vinayak drew various shapes quickly joining them to form a sketch. And mind you, this audience included a lot of talented 3D artists. One could immediately sense the envy and inspiration that the sketching and drawing talent of Vinayak and Shyam evoked in the audience.

“Animation is caricature of reality” shared Vinayak. The talented artist further shared that “In order to draw and caricature well, one has to form the habit of observing things around” As an encouragement to those desiring to take up drawing, Vinayak added “Focus on the basics of drawing and keep practicing and you will get there”

There are many ways and techniques to approach drawing and sketching. Approaching his art in a truly unique manner, Shyam from AniRights, evolved his sketch in a very progressive and organic way. His constant camaraderie with the audience even as he sketched gave an insight to his talent. It must be remembered that simplicity and humor are the hallmark of true talent.

“Sketching completely depends on how you observe things and how you put the observation on board. It is also important to develop your visualization skills” said Shyam.