VFX ‘Gamera - Rebirth’ anime gets teaser trailer -

‘Gamera – Rebirth’ anime gets teaser trailer

With the upcoming six-episode anime series Gamera: Rebirth, the kaiju (giant monster) known as Gamera will be brought back to life. The official teaser trailer was released hinting that Gamera will fight five distinct Kaiju throughout the course of the six episodes. Gyaos is one among those creatures, and an official poster also previews his presence.

The official Twitter handle of the show states: “From the Showa era to the Heisei era, the production of the new work Gamera – Rebirth of the giant monster Gamera that has been loved by monster fans all over the world has been decided!”

Back in 1965, to compete with TOHO’s successful Godzilla, production company Daiei’s fire-breathing turtle monster Gamera made his screen debut with the film Daikaijū Gamera. And the 12th and latest movie in the series Chiisaki Ysha-tachi “Gamera” (Gamera the Brave) came out in 2006.

Netflix will broadcast the anime worldwide.