Fox unveils two ‘Housebroken’ holiday specials airing in the first week of December

Fox unleashes the holiday spirit with two new special episodes of Housebroken airing on 4 December. Featuring the voices of Lisa Kudrow, Will Forte, Clea DuVall, Nat Faxon, Sharon Horgan, Tony Hale, Sam Richardson and Jason Mantzoukas, the animated comedy follows a group of neighborhood pets and stray animals as they work through their issues in therapy.

The upcoming holiday episodes, including a new holiday-inspired theme song performed by indie band Superorganism, are: Who’s Found Themselves In One Of Those Magical Christmas Life Swap Switcheroos? (Sunday, 4 December)

Honey (Kudrow)’s holiday wish comes true when a mix-up at the vet sends her to a dream home, while her idiotic doppelganger goes to live with Chief (Faxon). Meanwhile, Max (Hale) has to hide from his new owner David Spade when he discovers that Spade wants to make him the holiday ham.

Who’s Having A Merry Trashmas? (Sunday, 4 December)

Honey and Chief are home alone for the holidays, and when a mysterious intruder tries to break in, they team up with Raccoon to protect the family home. Meanwhile, Chico (Richardson) experiences hunger for the first time, and Elsa (DuVall) falls in love with a robot dog.

In the series, Honey (Kudrow), a standard poodle, opens her living room for the group to come and support each other through the misery, mayhem and majesty that is being a pet. Honey also struggles with her own problems, such as her arranged (by her human) marriage with Chief (Faxon), a sloppy St. Bernard who enjoys eating socks and licking himself. The group includes Shel (Forte), a sex-positive tortoise with intimacy issues and a knack for choosing unconventional partners; Tabitha (Horgan, who also executive produces), an aging Persian cat beauty queen, trying to adjust to life off the cat show circuit; The Gray One (Mantzoukas), a street smart cat who lives with about thirty other cats and has his one eye on Tabitha; Chico (Richardson), a chonky, co-dependent and very naive cat; and the group’s newest member, Diablo (Hale), an anxious, sweater-wearing terrier whose OCD causes him to hump everything twice.

Housebroken is produced by Kapital Entertainment and Fox Entertainment; created and executive-produced by Allan, Crittenden and DuVall. Horgan, Clelia Mountford, Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor also serve as executive producers. The series is animated by Bento Box Entertainment.